Monday, April 21, 2008

Amy is....

1. Uploading songs to her ITunes. She's making a mixed cd for her sister to use for her beauty therapy room.

2. Tired. Very tired. And wearing stripey pyjamas.

3. Kind of bored - why do you think she's making a list ?

4. In love with yoga again. Yay!

5. Wishing she hadnt have eaten those last few pieces of chocolate. Seriously, she feels nauseous.

6. Feeling good about giving blood tonight. And for signing up to donate plasma aswell.

7.Working on her own in the dispensary all week. Not so bad, her colleague does deserve some time off, after all.

8. Listening to Evan Rachel Wood sing The Beatles " Blackbird ". Its sweet.

9.Almost ready for bed - did she mention she was tired?

10.Going to remember to call the lady about her fathers birthday present. Its his birthday this Friday, so she should probably get a move on.

11.Is over the list. But she wanted to finish it on an odd number, just to be different. Peace out yo....

1 comment:

  1. still going on about yoghurt eh.

    globus has never given blood, but hears it's a cheap way to find out if you have any serious blood conditions or not, good on you :-)