Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seriously, its like i'm stuck in a loop here

I wish my sister would shut up. Right now i'm here in the kitchen on the computer and she is in the lounge room, with her boyfriend, and she's on the phone. She's so bloody loud that all i can hear is her raving on down the phone to one of her friends over some thing that, if the friend does it, will make her the " most disgusting person " my sister knows. As far as i can gather, because i think my sister believes i'm deaf or something and cant actually hear her, is that this friend is considering having anal sex. Whatever. I dont care. Thats not the point.

The point is that the way she is carrying on - the tone in her voice, the way she's speaking, the words and phrases she's using - is reminding me of the girl in high school who thought she was better than everybody else. The one who thought she was cooler than everyone else, and that everyone cared what she thought, as if they'd obey everything she ever said. You know that girl?

Yea - i wanna punch her in the throat....


  1. "Things are really bad here, right now, I'm eating eggs from a shoe with a comb.

    I really must insist you come immediately, right well, first thing tomorrow, right, after lunch, but first thing after lunch, 7pm? Perfect."

  2. Are you trying to intimate that i am crazy? Or just that you've heard a crazy conversation? Or made one up to perplex me?

  3. globus, being an only child, often wishes he had a sister or brother, but reading your post, he's now just counting his blessings ;-)

  4. Well right now, I have an Australian woman living in the house with us.

    Nicole is my brother's new girlfriend that he met and hooked up with on his last cruise contract he had in your waters.

    Yes, she's loud, but at least she's not American. I quite like her accent. She makes fun of our South African accents on a regular basis.

  5. its a line from Black Books, where Manny is complaining to a cleaning company that everything is messy and wrong and he just can't take it anymore. it seemed to fit.

    Just tell her to tone down the volume. Its your house too.