Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two things

Two things that i have realised in the last 24 hours:

1. I am still completely enamoured with yoga. I kid you not - yoga changed my life. I know that sounds entirely ridiculous and very much hippie-dippie, but yoga was one thing i very much loved to do and i thought i was pretty good at. It made me feel strong, physically and mentally, it made me appreciate what my body could do and how disciplined i could be. After over a year away from classes, i went back last night. And there it was - that yoga high, all over again.

2. Apparently, i'm not a big fan of mice. I saw one scurry through my living room and behind my TV cabinet and that was it. I was in semi-hysterics, on the phone to my father, pleading for him to come get it out. He said not only was he in bed and not getting out, he couldnt chase the mouse out even if he tried. No matter then - i decided if the mouse was staying in my house, i wasnt. I slept at my parents place last night. First thing this morning my dad went to my house to lay traps and guess what ? the mouse is now safely smooshed and i can sleep in my own bed tonight.

Yep, go on, say it.... i'm a total girl. I dont care. Yoga rocks and mice are ewwwwwwwww!!!


  1. poor mouse. they are so cute, too. or maybe the aussie mice are bigger and more scary?

    globus likes yoghurt too. fave flavour has to be strawberry :-)

  2. There's plenty more mice waiting for you to go to sleep so that they can nibble on your toes.