Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Sisters Day!

Yep, thats right, happy belated Sisters Day to all the sisters out there! My sister and I " invented " Sisters Day three years ago because we didnt think its fair that Mum's and Dad's get presents on a random day, but we didnt - so June 15th every year ( for three years running ! ) we have a day where we buy each other a present, we hang out and eat good ( alright, bad ) food. That would be my sister Erin, and I, showing off the good food we were eating at the movies. Thats what we did - went to the movies, went shopping ( for groceries mind you, but we were together... ), watched a DVD i bought her for a gift and painted our nails.

So here's to all the sisters we have, whether they are blood related or not..... long live the Sisterhood!


  1. I am TOTALLY adopting sisters day for me and my sis, that is SUCH a cool idea. Just need to decide on a date that suits us best! :) But then my brother might feel left out (we don't like him as much - sorry bro!) - any suggestions what to do if you have a brother AND a sister???

  2. Well we also have a brother and asked him if he wanted to take part. However, being a boy, he was like " Do i have to buy you two a present ? " and when told " Uh, duh...yes! " he said " Then i think i'll pass ".