Monday, June 30, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Oh oh woah, wish it were Sunday, Cos thats my fun day, my " i dont have to run day " ....

Blah di blah di blah, you know the rest. The point is it WAS Monday, and it WAS kind of manic, at least towards the end of the day. I think the combination of a lack of eyewear patients and a tad too much chocolate had my colleague and I a little hyper. Never mind that i'm 24 and she's almost 36, the last two hours of work went by in a haze of gossip, giggles and " Big Brother " updates. Yes, we're sad " Big Brother " addicts ( hey, there were two housemates from our town this year, both of whom i know as acquaintances, so i HAD to watch ) but we're also really compatible as workmates and friends. I think i've actually been kind of lucky like that - we're a little apart in age, and technically i'm the boss, but we're fine to call each other names or make jokes. Its a good work environment and, despite what it may sound like, we do get all our work done at the same time. We're women - we multi-task.

I also spent a good proprotion of the afternoon pulling stuff together for my upcoming conference. Tomrrow afternoon we fly down to Sydney for a one day conference, all the eyewear contingent from my company together. But seriously, how good is our management ? They chose to organise our conference for July 2nd, in Sydney which means - they're taking this all to State of Origin! Yay! Now if you're Australian, particularly from either NSW or Qld, you will know that this is a big thing. An important game. Pride rides on this ( especially as half the staff at the conference will be from Qld ). If you're not Australian its like the Super Bowl for Americans; or FA Cup final for and Brits; or the Springboks playing just about anyone in the Rugby World Cup final ( hello South Africans! ). I'm not ashamed to admit i'm excited - its no secret that i love rugby league, i've been raised on it, so attending this game is something i'm looking forward to.

So i'll be missing in action for next two-ish days. Nevermind the conference itself, the presentations, the discussions. I'm really only in it for the sport, and the company ( as in the people, not the business ). That being said though, if NSW lose, i will be crying into my breakfast come Thursday morning.....


  1. Yay!!! Have a fantastic time! Your company isn't sooo bad after all lol! BTW...I'm glad that you can get along with us thirty-somethings! ha ha xxx

  2. Hey sweat heart, good luck at the game!!! Have fun. Oh and incase you havent noticed....Im back!

  3. Enjoy visiting my fabulous city.. Hope the weather stays nice.. Pack your woolies though, it's chilly! And GO THE BLUES!

  4. i know its big, but not for all australians. Most Victorians won't even know its on!

    BTW NSW is going to be creamed! You didn't even look like you wee going to score in the last game.