Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kind-of, Sort-Of, Could Have Been A....

So when i said yesterday that i had hardly anything else i wanted to blog about - well, that wasnt entirely true. I do have something slightly different, slightly new, and possibly exciting, i just didnt really want to mention it in case i jinx something. See, thing is - i went on a date on Friday night.

Yep, me, the depressed person with anxiety issues who has difficulty interacting with new people went on a date. Actually, a kind-of, sort-of date - we didnt really put a label on it to be truthful. But from everything that went on and from my best friends humble opinion, it was a date. And also from what went on and from my own humble opinion, it was a date with a Really Nice Guy. Lets call him RNG for short.

RNG and i met online ( on a dating webiste that shall remain nameless ). He had just moved from the city to a small town not far from where i live and was looking to meet some new people. He sent me a message, i sent an email back and so on so forth. That was almost 6 weeks ago now. Now to be fair, its not like its taken us that long to get our shit together - he went on an already planned overseas holiday in between, so just after he came back i sent him a text and asked how his trip was : he said great and would i like to meet up? Obviously, there was more to the conversation than that but you get the gist.

So Friday night it was. RNG travelled the hour and bit from the small town where he is working and we went out for Thai ( i had mussamun curry.... yum! ). Considering that one of the participants on this date has a few social anxiety issues ( hi, that would be me ) there were hardly any awkward pauses and the conversation flowed nicely. Turns out we have a few key things in common - both into travel, both like football, seemingly a similar sense of humour. After dinner we went to see a movie ( " Hancock " which, for the record, was quite good ). RNG bought me a drink while i was in the bathroom and shared his popcorn with me. And, after that, the kind-of, sort-of date was over. No kiss, but a hug and a peck on the cheek accompanied by a " I had a really great time - would you like to do it again sometime soon ? ". Naturally, i said yes.

RNG texted me the next day to again say what a nice time he'd had and hoped i'd enjoyed it too. Naturally ( again ) i said yes. He has also texted me today just to see what i was up to and fill me in on the score of his rugby match yesterday.

And there you go, thats my news. So you tell me - are the signs pointing towards the positive ? Is RNG into me ? I guess the answers to those questions are yet to come, which means this general topic is a " To Be Continued ".....


  1. Asking for a second date would sure suggest that he WANTS to see you again Amy! 'Naturally you said yes' suggests to me that it's how you feel about him too. As if declining would be madness! You must have clicked with this guy big time....Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    He sounds like a real gentleman. No jinxes here hunny. Be cool, be natural, be yourself and he is bound to want more and more of you!

    Here's wishing that it's a relationship about to blossom into something wonderful! Sending positive vibes and a big hug....X

  2. RNG sounds lovely! What a fanulous relaxed night. I think it's wonderful when things start out nice and slow. I would say the follow up text 'just to see what you were up to' speaks volumes. Yay! Keep us posted!

  3. sounds like you might have hit gold with this one, although globus prescribes a large dose of caution. in his experience, online dating is fraught with right wingnuts. good luck :-)