Friday, July 11, 2008

We didnt get any chips!

So, i had my second kind-of, sort-of date with RNG today. Like i said, he lives in a small town about an hour-ish away from here and, seeing as he was already going to be in town, he asked if i'd like to get together for lunch of my lunch break. Sure, great idea - except i was kind of annoyed that i would have to be wearing my daggy work uniform. Dont get me wrong, uniforms are hot - if you're in the military, or a police officer or what have you. Not so much if you're an optical dispenser in a small time office. But i digress.

So we went to a pub just down the block from my office for some lunchtime pub grub ( dont you love the $10 lunch special ? ). It was nice - we sat in the bar and watched some English Super League while we talked. Again, there were very few awkward pauses ( only when we were watching a replay.... ) . Again, he bought me a drink. Or a beverage, as he put it ( too cute! ). Oh, and the meal itself was good too - excpet that we didnt get any chips! What good is mushroom sauce if you have no chips?

The goodbye, however, was a little more awkward this time. It could possibly have something to do with the fact that we standing right outside the store where i work, and i'm pretty sure my colleagues were sticky-beaking, but that was the only dodgy part. It did have me second-guessing a little but i have been reassured by my best friend that any guy who ask for a second date so soon to the first must surely like a girl. Agreed or no ?

P.S I am formulating a plan. More on this later....


  1. Yay! Second date!

    Sounds great, don't worry about the awkward goodbye - as you said - knowing the colleagues may be looking will always make things weird.

    And yeah, agreed. If he asked you out again it must mean he's keen....

    p.s. You can't eat mushroom sauce without chips. It's wrong.

  2. I do believe you might be on to something here! Just remember to be natural. He obviously is into you, so no need to be angst. Go AIMZ!!!!

  3. don't stress,he's keen, and i'd say you can drop the kind of sort of date

  4. WOOOH! It was a date! The fact that he was in town for other things actually takes pressure off I think, so you don't sort of have to worry about dressing for the occasion. Spontaneous-like. Saying goodbye in front of others is like kissing on the doorstep with your mum and dad watching, always awkward. He's into you alright hunny, don't be worrying about that. Bet he went home thinking how cute you were in your work dress. He'll be back for a third helping...

    wishing you heaps of happiness...X