Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Songs for all occasions: Part # 2

So, now to part 2 of my " Songs For All Occasions " series: wedding songs. I know that pondering funeral songs may be morbid, and that some of you may see thinking about songs that you would play at your ( as of yet non-existent ) wedding as slightly desperate..... but dont try and tell me you've never once thought of it, even in jest. You know you have!
And now, here for your viewing and listening pleasure, are five songs that i would consider having played at my nuptials:

  1. " Seeing Angels " - John Butler Trio
  2. " Just Because " - Nikka Costa
  3. " Desire " - Ryan Adams
  4. " With Or Without You " - U2
  5. " Just Say Yes " - Ben Lee

Admittedly, there are more songs that, when i hear them, i think " Aww, wouldnt that make a beautiful wedding song ? " But these are the five that i would go for right now. Numbers 1 and 2 are in that order for a reason - heart melting lyrics. Observe:

From " Seeing Angels " by the John Butler Trio we have :

Take me for what you see

For I'm transparent in the light of you.

And look inside,

See that fire burning bright

The same one you rekindled inside me

My mouth was dry

Only you quenched my thirst

Or From " Just Because " by Nikka Costa :

I take you in and

I hold my breath

Try to save the time that's passing by

And if you came to say goodbye

A thousand summers would never dry

Every tear that touched my face

And they don't laugh the way you do

And they don't smile the way you do

And their eyes don't shine the way yours do

I love

I love

I love you just because

See now - hasn't your heart just melted into a giant puddle on the floor?

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