Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It could only be worse if i were naked...

So I couldnt quite decide on a particular topic for todays post, I thought I'd just bullet point all the stuff thats been floating around in my head the last day or two:

  • To be quite honest, I have had a shithouse kind of day. Sure, I can kind of understand when a customer with a complaint gets a little nasty or impatient and maybe goes off at me over the phone, even if their issue is kind of out of my hands. But you know what ? I am not paid enough to put up with kind of behaviour from a colleague. Seriously. Yogi, a previously mentioned manager ( so named because, frankly, her face reminds me of Yogi Bear ) made me cry today. I thought managers, when turned to for advice, were supposed to be supportive, not accusatory and condescending. So sorry, that must have been my mistake. However, despite being spoken to like I am beneath her, I have risen above Yogi's behaviour. And by above, I mean I have made a confidential complaint to a manager that is senior to Yogi. It wasnt out of vengeance or trying toget some kind of upper hand, in fact i asked this manager, The Bell, in my email not to mention anything to Yogi at all. I actually tossed up even making a complaint all morning, and finally decided after my lunch break that it was in my best interests to get it off my chest. I guess we'll see what may come of it tomorrow when The Bell gets back to me.

  • Plus, I have had the same customer ring me three times not happy that her husbands glasses arent back yet, even though i explained to her that I have asked the lab to rush them through and I have done everything in my power to get them back to my store as soon as possible. You know what ? Sometimes people just give me a headache. And sometimes they make me wish the earth would open and swallow me whole.

  • Maybe the earth will upon up and swallow me whole - or rather a black hole might swallow the earth. ( Nice segue - see what i did there ? ). What i wanted to know is why i hadnt heard about this whole proton accelarator/ Stephen Hawkings experiment thingy any sooner than an hour before it was all due to happen. Maybe i just dont watch enough news ? Hell, if i had known about it sooner i might have gone sky diving, or got up the courage to do karaoke, or done my darndest to have hot, sweaty, passionate sex with a younger man - you know, all the stuff you'd want to do before the earth disappears into a void and we all die.

  • I saw an article on a tabloid news show about the rise in brides getting botox before their weddings. Excuse me, but how pretenious are these women ? I can understand wanting to look your best on your big day, maybe getting a spray tan and a teeth whitening, of course having your make up and your hair done, but botox ? Injecting poison into your face just to look " better " in your photos? If your getting married, I'd be thinking the guy you're marrying loves you the way you are - he doesnt want to be faced with a plastic version of the women he loves unless its on top if the wedding cake ( which in my case will be chocolate mud - that fruitcake stuff is gross! )

And that be all, thats all I got. Its not much, but its all i could come up with after the kind of day I've had. I'm happy to say that the day has ( almost ) ended on a good note - its funny how pushing yourself to run ( yep, run! ) on the treadmill, slog away on the bike and make it through your weights routine can make you feel entirely awesome. Adrenalin is mucho goodo. Or muy bien, if we're want to use proper Spanish....


  1. I know what you mean re: the end of the world. . . I only found out about it two days ago FROM A BLOG!!!

  2. Please tell me you asked your boss where her a-pic-a-nic basket is

  3. Ha ha - funny Andy. I was going to go with asking her is she was smarter than the average bear! but i thought twice on that one...