Monday, January 19, 2009


WARNING: Before you go any further, this is a rant. Please avoid the following paragraphs if you do not wish to read curse words, complaints or other peoples pet hates.

So - my desk in my office has a perfect view to the street outside. My office is situated on the main street of our town and my desk is, therefore, perfect for people watching. So i'm having a little stare out the window ( whilst i was working of course ) and i see a young girl walking along. She's petite, nice hair and she's dressed really nicely. In short, i was thinking how lovely she looked... and then she spat. On the ground. On a public street. A young girl spat saliva on a public street in front of my office.

I cannot STAND people who spit. Spitting in public is absolutely disgraceful. I mean, if you really must spit - say you havea huge loogy working up in the back of your throat, or a horridly sour taste in your mouth - than at least spit into a bin or into a hankerchief or something. Have the decency not to spread your bodily fluids all over a public walkway, where poor unfortunate people have to skirt around it. In short, spitting in public ( unles your on the sporting field ) is nothing short of disgusting.

My other pet peeve for today is domestic disputes in public. Sure, everyone enjoys being privy to a good pub fight ( you know, where people get into a huge argument whilst drunk, and are completely oblivious to the circle of peope listening in ). What I cant stand is people who think that the main street of town is the perfect place to air their dirty laundry. " Fuck you you motherfucking bitch- you can fucking walk home then! You're a dirty slut anyway! " is not exactly something i want to hear while i'm trying to work. I also do not want to see women flying at men and trying to hit them with shopping bags or sticks they have pulled out of the garden, nor do i want to see men deliberately intimidating women, grabbing them by the hair and threatening to kill them when they get home. Seriously. Those might be extreme cases ( extreme but certainly by no means exaggerated.... its all part of a show i get treated to on a semi-regular basis ) but i dont think anybody needs to be hurling abuse at each other in the public domain.

And there you have it - rant over. I am sitting in my hotel room as i have been sent off for a few days training. I've watched " How I Met Your Mother ", " Two and a Half Men " and " South Park " and i have gotten my pet peeves of my chest, so i think its time to settle in with a book.
Good nigtht everyone!


  1. People who spit . . . blurgh, I honestly do not see the point of it. It is simply vile. And they don't even seem to care about the fact that half the time they barely miss you with it!