Sunday, January 4, 2009

Isnt she lovely? Isnt she won-der-ful ?

So there you are everybody - the very proud Aunty Amy and little Isabella. Or Bella, as she is already informally called. Its not the best photo ever but at least she's awake and we're both looking at the camera. That was taken this afternoon, so lets call it an official portrait of me and Bella when she is four days old. She's too, too cute! Let me show you a close up:

Aww, look at her! She has this cute little mohawk thing going on and a sweet, little, perfectly formed nose. Sure, she looks kind of grumpy in this picture but you probably would be too if it were 35 degrees celsius outside and because you're only four days old you have to be bundled up in a blanket. It would make you kind of grumpy, and kind of sweaty, but thats not the point. The point is Bella is a cubby cheeked little cherub and i think i will have to control myself from kidnapping her and keeping her in room.
But isnt the way all proud aunties feel ?