Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Could Be The Euphoria Talking...

And so i promised to keep you in the loop and if there is one thing i really try to do, its keep promises. I've been on a second date with Mr Gil and it was great. So great, in fact, that we've been on a third aswell, less than 24 hours after the second. Does that make sense ?

We had decided after last week that we would get together and so see some movies. We couldnt decide between " Gran Torino " and " Watchmen " and Mr Gil suggested if we couldnt make a decision, why not see both ? I was kind of happy at this suggestion - not only did i get to see two new films, but it meant i got to spend quite a bit of time with Gil. If went badly, well i could just settle into the film and ignore the fact i was on a date; if it went well, we'd have plenty to chat about when i invited him to dinner. Which, you'll be pleased to know, i did. That is, after " Watchmen " finished at about 7:30pm, i asked him if i could buy him a beer. He declined the offer ( not the beer part, he just wouldnt let me pay for it ) so i suggested we get that beer whilst also getting some dinner. So, to tally this up, we saw two movies, ate two scoops of icecream each, shared a good meal, and were the only two audience members for the local pub band ( because we had a few drinks downstairs while they were doing a soundcheck, not because they sucked. They did give us a " Thank you - you've been awesome! " shout out though... that was cool! ). I really enjoyed myself, and only thought that 9 hrs wasnt long enough.

Now, i know that the four wisest women in the world - Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte - say you shouldnt schedule the next date too soon: that we women, no matter how good the date and how much you want to see the guy again, should make ourselves seem unavailable for a few days, so as not to appear desperate. However, i have decided to say pooh to that. I enjoyed myself on the second date and i know Mr Gil did too, so why should i pretend otherwise ? I like him, he likes me and when i sent him a " good morning " text he said he'd really enjoyed last night and would like to see me again. I told him i felt the same way and then next thing i know my phone goes off and i've got " Today ? " sitting in my inbox. Why would i say no ? I wasnt doing anything else and i DID want to see him again so why would i follow the apparent dating rules and say " Oh, you know what , i cant.... ". Thats right, i wouldnt. I dont follow the rules - I'm a dating rebel !

And so i spent four hours lying around in the park with Gil, chatting, laughing and scheming to steal a piece of birthday cake from a chidlrens birthday party a few metres away. We didnt get any cake, but that didnt stop it being the perfect third ( first, second, twenty-fifth....whatever ) date. Mr Gil makes me laugh, and although we arent exactly from the same world, i really relate to him. I've never felt so immediately comfortable with someone. Its nice.
Plus, i spent four hours outdoors and managed not to get sunburnt.

And so, the first three dates - typically the hardest period in the dating game - are out of the way, and they've all been great. We have already agreed we are definately seeing each other next weekend, but then i have to go away for work for two weeks.

I'm going to be honest - i dont really wanna go....

* For the record, " Gran Torino " was great. " Watchmen " was good but could have benefited from being at least half an hour shorter...


  1. Don't listen to this nonsense about spacing out dates. If you like him, you like him. Capricorn and I saw each other on back-to-back days to start our relationship.
    Glad everything is going well!

  2. Ugh!

    Don't listen to the "wisest" women.

    Schedule a date when you want to. Guys like me appreciate girls who go after what they want!

  3. Euw Mah Gawd! He sounds awesomely awesome!

    I agree with the others, do NOT listen to the dating rules! Those are made up by women who fail at relationships constantly. I know, I was one of them!

    Mr. Gil certainly gets my stamp of approval, purely because he was able to roll around the park with you and then be cool enought to watch an empty sound check room. I love it! Good luck with this one my friend, you deserve some goodness from a male.

    Love you long time my FFL.

  4. @Overcoat - yaaaaaaaaaay me!

    @Andy - You and Capricorn are my model. For reals. No pressure or anything...

    @So - thats what i was hoping for. Seems going out on a lumb is impressive to some guys

    @Sheebee - OMG, Sheebs!I cant believe you managed to comment on here... but i love that you did! We both deserve some goodness from men, so my fingers are crossed for you my FFL. Mwah!