Monday, March 16, 2009

Keeping a Challenge Promise, and an Update

And so, as promised on Andy's blog, i said i would take part in this challenge. Apparently the rules say you need to go to your sixth folder of photos and post the sixth picture, and give a little background on what it is. No worries - seeing as i dont yet have six folders of pics saved to this computer, i've used my Facebook photo albums. Here's wgat you get:

So, as you can probably guess, this is a wedding photo. Well done to all of you who got that one. It happens to be my best friend P's wedding ( thats her there in the middle, in the white dress ) and thats me on the far right. I was very proud to have been her heads bridesmaid for the day, even if it meant having to help her go to the bathroom once or twice ( man, that dress was huge! ). P is one of the closest people in the world to me, and it was great to see her so happy for once. This was taken at her house, after we ladies had finished getting ready and before we headed to the ceremony. I know she was really nervous but i dont think it shows in the photo - she just looks gorgeous.


And so, to the update - Amy and Mr Gil, sitting in a tree.... K.I.S.S.I.N.G! I know some of you will probably think this is kind of soon, but Mr Gil and i have decided we are officially an item. He said his mum had been asking if i was " the new lady in his life " and he had told her it was a definate yes. He asked if that was okay with me - i didnt have any reservations about it, so we decided we may aswell put a label on it. So yes, Mr Gil is now my 'boyfriend' and he is happy to call me his 'girlfriend'. Really happy in fact - this weekend just gone he took me to meet his nephews. That might not sound like much - a 2yr old and 6 yr old boy arent exactly equivalent to parents, but consider this: his nephews live almost 4 hours drive away. Which means we roadtripped it. And we stayed overnight. So yes, you can say that we went away together overnight for our 5th date. Big step ? Yes. Too soon ? Maybe. Did i have a good time and would i do it again ? Absolutely.

His nephews ( along, obviously, with their parents, Mr Gils brother and sister-in-law ) live in a tiny little town, nearing what some people may refer to as " The Outback ". The population may be as high as 50 people, although i'm only estimating that based on the ( from memory ) 10 or so houses i saw. Mr Gil took me on the back of a quad bike to show me the sights and smells of the place, which was really cute. His eldest nephew wanted to take me but he's only 6, so i promised him when his legs get longer he could escort me around town on his own " four wheeler ". We stayed outside most of the time, having a few drinks and a bbq and playing with the neighbourhood kids, who all wanted to come over and play seeing as " Uncle Mr Gil " ( obviously, thats not quite what they call him, but i'm still not revealing his real name... ) was visiting. I'd never been to a town that small and wasnt quite sure i'd fit, nervous that his family wouldnt like me.... but i loved it. His eldest nephew even once, completely innocently, referred to me as " Aunty Amy ". Yes, i know, wow, thats kind of big for what is still a very new relationship, but it completely made me melt.

And so, i have gone to another state to work for the next two weeks. When i agreed to cover for this store, i didnt have anything but my regular "work-gym-home " routine to keep me amused in DubVegas. Now, i dont really wana be here.... i miss Mr Gil already....


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  2. Thanks for posting the photo- I think it's funny brides wear dresses so big they need help to walk around in it...

    Congrats on becoming an item. Capricorn and I made that same decision about four days in, so you're not crazy for doing it. If it works, it works.