Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whats wrong with paper?

Ah.... the joys and wonders of modern technology.

I love how the big IT companies tell you that the computer will make your life so much easier - but isnt it a huge pain in the arse when they crash ? I'm writing this* ( on paper - how old school of me ) whilst at work, because the main program my colleagues and i need to function has thrown a full tantrum and is refusing to work properly. We're also supposed to be undergoing a server update and thats not co-operating either. And the best part ? We have two computer technicians here today who cant do any work either until the server has been fixed from our home office. Freaking fabulous! J and I have been able to do some work on other programs but everyone else has just had to sit around with their hands in their pockets all morning. I bet from the outside this looks like a really productive office....

Don't get me wrong - its not like i'd be without technology. God no. I get withdrawal symptoms if i dont check my email at least once a day. It just sucks that we've ( ok... I'VE ) become so reliant on it that we cant cope when it doesnt work. Or that we've become so reliant that we'll do anything, pay anything, to keep in the technological loop. Its bad enough that i'm willing to pay 25c per text message (Telstra, i'm talking to you ) because sending 60 text messages to one person in one evening so much better than actually calling them. However, people are spending small fortunes to buy a brand new, fandangled, MP3 playing, 6 megapixel picture taking mobile phone, and others ( ok, mainly men ) would give their right nut to be set up with the latest in mobile gaming. If eating two minute noodles and endless tins of baked beans for weeks on end is the only way you can afford a new Nintendo Wii complete with Guitar Hero - then thats not cool!

I have a laptop that i bought while it was on sale, a 4 year old mobile phone and Ipod Mini that i won in a work promotion, so i'm not exactly technology deficient....but sometimes i wish we could all just go " old school ", if only to make things less complicated!

* Yes, i wrote the post at work.... now i'm posting it from home, about 7 hrs later


  1. consumerism at its peak - that's why we're in the shit we are right now

  2. I spend way too much money on food. Sometimes I wish I spent it more on all these savvy new electronics. ;)

  3. This reminds me of when I did a blog post on my Typewriter.

    You're right- there's a little too much technology going on

  4. Not really. I can't agree with the whole too much tecnology at all. And Capitolism is a beautiful thing isnt it? Now if only we could teach a little moderation......