Sunday, March 22, 2009

Intergalactic Adventures.... Or Not So Much

No, I have not fallen off the place of the planet. I havent gone into deep out of space. Nor have I ( somewhat unfortunately ) been building a lovenest with Mr Gil for the past week or so. NO, I have simply been shunted off for work and havent had much at all to write home - or blog - about.

As i have previously mentioned, I am working away from home for a little while. I've been sent a long way from home too - interstate to a rural city called Mackay ( Dash, you may be the only person reading this who knows where i am ). I've already passed one week of work - five more sleeps and i'm on my way back to DubVegas. Mackay hasnt been treating me too badly i suppose - i've really only been at work or in my motel room, so there isnt too much that could be going wrong. I will admit to feeling a little out of place on the first day, but that feeling has since worn off. I'm not long back from dinner and drinks with two of my colleagues ( one of whom is also visiting from out of state ) down at the harbourside pub, which was quite nice.

What was also nice - ok, kind of awesome! - was roadtripping yesterday. My old national manager S lives up here, and she always said if i was ever in town i should give her a call and we'd go do something. Ever the diligent employee and friend i did just that - and she decided we'd trip up to Airlie Beach... on a Harley! Woo hoo! Ok, sure i didnt actually ride the Harley on my own ( i road bitch behind her husband ) but it was still great. The sun was shining, riding at 100km/hr into a head wind was blowing me around a bit, the scenery was pretty and i was riding a Harley Road King..... yep, quite a good way to spend a Saturday. Airlie Beach itself wasnt too impressive - we strolled around some markets ( i didnt buy anything ) and had a bit of lunch ( a prawn foccacia and iced tea ) but my skin is now nicely sun dappled ( yes, i know about skin cancer, cut me some slack ) and i can now boast about having taken a Harley ride. Sweet as bro.

Whats not as sweet as is how much i have found myself missing Mr Gil. We have been texting back and forth all day and talking every night before bed, and i honestly cant wait til Friday evening when he picks me up from the airport. It'll be nice to be able to speak with him face to face again, and pick up our fledgling relationship where it left off. Five more sleeps and counting...


  1. In a six degrees of Kevin Bacon moment- they make Harleys in the town I live in...

    At least your out-of-town work stuff has been fun, right?

  2. I would give anything to bake in a bit of sunshine right now. :(

  3. hey mackay! Have always wondered what it would be like to live there... hmmm have heard wonderful things about airlie too.... my friend just visitedand was going on and on and on about his motorbike. a harley would have been sweet!