Monday, May 11, 2009

Its A Toss Of A Coin Really.

And the award for " If You Only Knew " goes to....

The high school friend who responded to my Facebook update - "Amy Wells is holding onto the thought that there are still plenty of people who love and support her "- by saying she hopes i am ok because she loves me.

Why ? Because she's the same person who told me to get fucked in response to the Facebook status update posted by my friend ( as detailed here ).

Ah Facebook, how you amuse me.....


  1. Hmmmmm, this sounds like you ought to get just as childish as they are. I understand you are an adult, but come on.. return fire! Im getting all riled up, just itching for a fight!!!! See I never get this kinda stuff happen to me. My friends, or close enemies if you will would'nt dream of pulling that shit. I'd troll their shit. And at an hour they might not notice for maximum effect. Then I would take to any one of their friends whose page lets you post. Its time to take the gloves off good buddy. (Oh, and not to say that I was right, but I told you an enemy would'nt accept!!!)

  2. or be the better person and know she's a tool

  3. Love you Snuffy, but i'm going with SvD on this one.... it just made me smirk.
    Its funny what people say when they have no idea who theyre actually saying it too....

  4. Aww Amy, how could anyone possibly be nasty to someone as lovely as you? Okay, so I only know you from your blog but your writing shows you to be a totally thoughtful principled person. This is just too bad!

    Well I guess they just didn't realise it was you who sent the text, and thoughtlessly jumped on the band wagon believing that being horrible was the right thing to do in the face of complete ignorance. Some friend huh? Guess you could do tell her exactly what was said to you, but somehow I reckon you're way above all that crap.

  5. Yeah, I'm with SvD too.

    But I'd add in the entire toolshed too.

    Love you my honey!!!!!


  6. Oh, that's hilarious... Facebook=unnecessary drama