Friday, May 8, 2009

When You Assume You Make An Ass...

... out of " u " and me. Or so the saying goes. It should be " When you assume, you hurt peoples feelings. And thats not nice". See, i have divulged something to a friend of mine via tex message. This was something very personal and confidential, and something that i thought would be hard ( on my part ) to say over the phone. It has everything to do with me, my life and my feelings, and really has nothing to do with her other than the fact that i wanted her to know.

This was on Thursday. She has not spoken to me since, except a one line answer to my email, pleading for her to get back to me. She has, however, updated her Facebook status to :
" Blah Blahdeeblah ... has never been so hurt, upset or angry about a single text message in her life :) " .... or something to that effect. And of course her Facebook friends, however well they actually know her in real life, have responded to this status update.

The hurtful thing is, even though she did not actually divulge what i told her and i am thankful for that, all these friends are saying she should tell me ( the person who sent such a text message ) to get fucked; that she should forget about me; that i must be a huge bitch; are calling me cowardly; or are offering to have words with me on her behalf.

Don't assume people! These people are assuming i have insulted her or in some other way said something horrible ABOUT her. This is, obviously not the case. It is not what was said that has upset her, but as i understand it from her one line missive, but rather how the message was delivered. I suppose i can understand that - a phone call would have been more personal. However, seeing as this news is entirely about me and how i'm feeling, i think its a little bit of a selfish reaction. This friend has reacted based on what SHE wanted, not on what I am comfortable with.

I can understand her being upset and im fine with that ( kind of. Not really. I'm upset but she wont care about that if i tell her ). But if she is any kind of friend, perhaps she could do me a favour and correct all those Facebook friends who are villifying me unfairly?


  1. that would probably be nice, but try not to stress about what people are saying when you know they don't know the whole situation, they don't know what's really going on,and you do, and so does your friend.... cantyou call your friend now? not email or text?

  2. Well Dash, one of those texts asked if i could give her a call, and i took her lack of response as a no...

  3. So, to be clear, do Aussies say "to get fucked" as the equivalent of the American "Fuck off"? I'm guessing her Facebook friends weren't meaning that you should go get laid... unless they did mean that, and then, wow.

    I wouldn't worry too much about any Facebook status updates- if she was truly upset, she'd talk to you. Maybe she's got something else going on and that was just the icing on the cake of an already bad day, and so she took it wrong. But no matter what, she needs to chill and think about why she'd get upset over a text.

  4. Thanks guys - its nice to know that not everyone on the net is speaking ill of me!

  5. she sounds like a bit of a cow, to be honest. i read the post before first, and i'm wondering who she thinks she is. if she is meant to be a friend of yours, she should be supporting you and not villainising you on facebook! i'm angry on your behalf!

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