Tuesday, May 26, 2009

( I Have No ) Marley and Me

Alright,yes - I saw " Marley and Me " over the weekend. Mr Gil came wandering in after being out for the morning and my sister had just started the DVD, so we all sat down to watch it. It was a pretty good movie i suppose - it was your typical feelgood, fluffy, chick type of flick, but this post is less about the movie ( and how Jennifer Aniston will always be so perfectly thin, even after having three theoretical children )..... and more about how i want a dog.

I mean, that was the basis of the story right ? Its called " Marley and Me ", not " My Wife and Me " or " My Love/Hate Affair with My Job and Me ". And Marley, for those of you not in the know, is the dog in the story. A quiet giant golden retriever dog. Who happens to be completely mental and not even close to trainable ( until the babies start coming and he settles down in his old age ). And all of his mishaps and misadventures only make him more loveable. I'm sure that if this were not a Hollywood movie and actual real life, you might get sick of a dog like Marley in his puppy stages. But its all part of the fun right?

I cant wait to have a dog again. Dogs are the greatest, arent they ? Even when theyre the chew-everything-in-sight, jump-on-your-lap-at-any-opportunity, dig-your-lawn-to-pieces type of dog, theyre still so much to have around. They love unconditionally, so even when you completely ruin that fancy meal you wanted to cook for your special someone, your other, furrier, special someone will lap it up like its came Gordon Ramsays own skillet. They promote exercise, and snuggles and afternoons in the park. And even though they smell bad and they expect you to clean up their crap, they only have to give you that cute " puppy-dog eyes " look and your heart melts for them.

Only five more weeks until i move into my new place, where the landlord happens to me - which, happily, means dogs are allowed. I'm tossing up between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Whippet.... oh, decisions, decisions!


  1. Now that Capricorn has moved in, I officially have her dog around, so that's twice the dog fun. I can see why you're antsy to get your own.
    Related note: It's also twice the dog runs for the bathroom.

  2. @Dash - a whippet is like a miniature greyhound. Very friendly and good in small yards.

    @Andy - see, my dog will be living outside so that wont be as much of a problem. I still have to shovel though.

  3. I would definitely go with the staffy. Only draw back is that they look like their pitbull cousins. Whipets always appear so anxious and fearful; trembling and poised to run away. Beautiful in action, otherwise a bit strange.

    Oh, btw, the book was fabulous!

  4. Awwww, our doggie is our child in every way and much better than having some repugnant, needy human child...hehehe... we have a female beagle, and she is just wonderful...