Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its Just... A Little Crush...

I think i have a girly-crush on Mary Steenburgen. For real. And she's way older than me, so its kind of age-inappropriate.

I've just come in from seeing " The Proposal " which, despite being kind of predictable, was actually pretty funny and very sweet. Its a winner as far as rom-com's go, for the following reasons:
* Sandra Bullock is doing Sandra Bullock at her best.
* Ryan Reynolds abs = smokin'.
* Betty White continues to play gloriously nutty older women and she rocks it.
* And Mary Steenburgen is the mum.

I dont know what it is - i've only seen her in a handful of things. She doesnt seem to age, and she just seems so charming. And graceful. And she's always the sweet, thoughtful mum who just wants the best for her kids ( even if they are 40 yr old nutcases ). If i didnt have the mum i have now, i'd want Mary Steenburgen to be my mum. She's neat.

Is that so crazy ? Don't you all have weird crushes on character actors you dont know ?


  1. i have a man-crush on ryan reynolds

  2. Lol...i can see that. Its not the abs for you though, right ?

  3. I saw the movie last night and I thought it was pretty damn funny. How cute was that effing puppy though?

    I like Ryan Reynolds, but my man crush has and always will be Clint Eastwood. I would smoke a million cigarrettes if it would give me his voice!!!

    "Are you feeling lucky, punks?"

  4. I wish I could hang out with DeNiro...I guess he would be my man crush... and I would probably try to keep imitating his voice TO him, which might make him kick the crap out of me...hahaha!