Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Quick Read

I stole this from a friends Facebook - i'm not sure how long its been doing the rounds but i thought the my fellow mummy bloggers out there might enjoy it. Click on the pic for a larger version - you know, if you dont want get all squinty to read the fine print there....

Just as an aside, i dont actually have any friends like this, it just struck a chord, ya know?


  1. I had a friend like that. She got mad because Ethan once got ill and I couldn't go to an event with her. She actually yelled at me and hung up on me. She lectured me on nutrition when Ethan went through a phase when he would only eat hot dogs or tater tots. If it was that bad for him, I'm pretty sure my doctor would have told me. The phase lasted 4 months. My house was always a mess. Toys on the floor, separated laundry, DVDS that Ethan pulled from the shelves. She complained that my house wasn't clean enough for him. It was like she expected me to have the same life I did before I had kids, and I didn't. We aren't friends anymore.

  2. I'm lucky that I don't have any friends like that, mine have kiddies pretty much the same age as Piglet. Interestingly it was certain family members who took a while to accept that I couldn't visit / help as much etc. as I did before Piglet arrived. I sometimes think that for some parents, once their kids have grown up and left home they forget what it's like when yours is still little!

  3. That actually bought me to tears, thanks so much for posting it Amy. My best mate of ten years is exactly like that- I feel like I should email her a copy of this!! I'm laying in hope for another couple of years down the track, when she has kids of her own and gets the whole thing a bit more.