Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Update On An Update - And, Umm, Another Update

In the past month, I've challenged myself to start, and complete, two seperate tasks - the first is known as Project SleepyTime and the second as Operation SlimDown.

As you all know, Project SleepyTime has had varying degrees of success. Okay, mostly failure - until now. This week, after having a week of good sleep until Sunday night when Mr Flynn ended up back in our bed, i decided to try something else. Something new. I thought maybe if bubba's main problem is that he wants someone in the room with him ( and usually he wants it to be me... ) perhaps some noise would be enough to convince him that although he was alone he would, in fact, be okay. So Monday i put a radio in his room. This, however, didnt quite work. The only station i could pick up on my crappy old clock radio was an AM station that was only talkback during the day. A symphony of voices wasnt exactly soothing. So, come Tuesday i bought Flynn a cheap CD player and a CD of Bach for babies. It gets around his lunchtime nap time, he's exhibiting all his usual tired signs, i wrap, cuddle quickly, pop him in his cot, give him his binky, tuck him in tight, give hima quick kiss and make my exit. And then.... nothing. Ten minutes pass without a peep so i poke my head in and there is my usually cranky, restless, always-fighting-sleep child, fast asleep. Angelic-like. The same thing happened for his afternoon nap. No crying, no kicking, no arching of the back. Just into his cot, music on and zzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, being the second day, wasnt as good. He fell asleep on the boob having a feed so there was his lunchtime nap and the afternoon nap took two attempts and a little crying and some head-stroking from Mummy before he got to sleep. Today though? Not too bad - he had his morning nap at my brothers house ( Flynny got to have a playdate with his cousins while i went to the Target toy sale ) and lunchtime nap at home, with the music, was instantaneous sleep. A bit of a fight again in the afternoon but again we got to sleep without having to be rocked. I'm waiting to see how tomorrow goes down but methinks we are starting to have ourselves a little bit of success with the self-settling.

And Operation SlimDown? Its slow going, but its going. Its been around 5 weeks since i blogged about not being a fatter version of my old self and i've lost a grand total of 1.3kg. Not so crash hot ( definately not up to either Biggest Loser or Jenny Craig standards ) but at least its been a loss and not a gain. I reckon if i put in just a tiny bit more effort - and stop indulging in sweet, sweet doughnuts - i may be able to crack a 5 kgs loss in about 2 months. Fingers crossed!


  1. Like you say, any loss is better than a gain. I'm having the same issue where I've not lost as much as I would like, but I have lost just enough to spur me on. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like Project SleepyTime might be going well now! That's great! I really need to get Grayson to go to sleep on his own. He just won't. I've tried the cry it out, and he got so upset he vomited...Twice...I just can't do that to him again. I think it's time to consult the doctor.

  3. well done Flynn and Mummy! It's brilliant when they can self-settle. I didn't think I would get there with my second but things are going great atm.

    Good on you for the weight loss. I am a cheat. Prior to trying to conceive no.2 bub I went on a shake diet. I know they say they aren't good for you and don't work, but it worked for me. I am lazy and I need to see quick results to keep me motivated. I think I will go that route again when I have finished breast feeding.

  4. Fantastic! Great news on project sleepy time, I hope it stays that way.