Monday, February 7, 2011

Give Me A Break!

Seriously, it seems like Mick and I can not win a bloody trick. Its no secret that we are trying to save for our wedding ( even though my mum and dad are paying for quite a bit ) but just in the last month or so its seems like every second day i'm opening another bill and we just aren't making any ground on anything.
Last week i paid the car insurance ( after driving around for a month uninsured because we couldnt afford it ) and over the next two weeks we have to pay the quarterly installment of our rates. We're also expecting this quarters electricity bill this week and today i come home to find I owe the Goverment $560 in overpayment of Family Tax Benefit. And those are on top of two mortgages ( Mick bought a property in a small country town before we met and we are trying to sell it ), the groceries and childcare each week. I dont mean to whinge, because i know there are people out there who are far worse off than us, but its just so frusturating.
I opened that bill today and just wanted to burst into tears - over $2000 ( roughly ) of bills due within a four week period on top of regular expenses. I already try to buy the cheapest groceries possible, and have stopped buying my lunch once a week in an effort to save money. I dont go to beauty salons, i only have my hair cut 4 times a year, and havent bought new clothes with my own money for 6 months or more. All this, and i'm still having to dip into meagre savings to pay bills on time. For God's sake - when are we ever going to catch a break and get ahead!?!?

Ok. Sorry. Just needed to get that out. Rant over.


  1. I hear you loud and clear, nodding my head every step of the way.

    We have $1600+ due in bills by 3rd March inc. rates, rego, building insurance (a must because we are a duplex & share a common wall with our neighbours) ... and I know the utilities will be coming in soon too.

    We are already struggling to keep afloat as it is and I can't help but think how the eff we are going to be able to afford my textbooks and uniform for uni.


  2. Rates, child care bond, health insurance, kinder fees, all just arrived as a extras this week. I hear your pain. The usual suspects are all due to.

    hello credit card! But I do pay it off, cos otherwise we would end up in an awful mess.

  3. Yep Im nodding along in agreement too. Its such tough times, I hate struggling and often wonder when it will ever get better.

  4. Exactly the same here! Bills coming out of our ears and taking pretty much all of Rich's wages and that's before groceries and normal day to day stuff. It's a horrible feeling isn't it, especially when you're trying to save for something special too. I'm now desperately looking for freelance writing work to try and bring just a little bit of extra cash each month.

  5. We just finally got caught up with all of our bills, only to have our house start falling apart. No we're spending more money to fix it up. I was hoping on a trip to visit my family this summer. Looks like we'll be putting it off another year.

  6. Being an adult sucks sometimes! I remember the lead up to our wedding and the money was going out faster then we were putting it in. Nothing much has changed especially as I am still not 'working'. Anyway I hope things improve SOON xx

  7. It's sooo hard to get ahead. Is it my imagination or is EVERYTHING more expensive this year? It's just bizarre.

    I hope you catch your break. Either that or put on a white frock and marry each other spontaneously on a beach somewhere. The end result is the same happiness regardless. x

  8. The FTB overpayment could be repaid over a longer period. Contact the FAO to see!!