Monday, February 28, 2011

Suggestions - Please?

Alright - this one is going to be short and sweet. Its more of a call for suggestions than it is a post - not a cry for help, but a steer in the right direction. Its also not any of the drama you may be imagining. See.... i need you guys to suggest some great books to me.
I was given a gift voucher to a book store for my birthday. I bought " Water for Elephants " by Sara Gruen and " One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest " by Ken Kesby. In the month since my birthday i have read, and loved them both. ( I've also re-watched the film version of "...Cuckoos Nest " and it was just as awesome as i remembered. Jack Nicholson is a revelation. Go watch it if you've never seen it. I'm also planning on taking my mum to see " Water For Elephants " when its released later this year.... ). I'm now re-reading " To Kill a Mockingbird " ( just because i adore the book and its about due for another reading ) but after that....i'm at a loss. I cant afford to buy new books at the moment so dont suggest anything to recent but...

What great reads could you recommend? I'll give almost anything a go ( not too keen on personal biographies, though i wont entirely dismiss all non-fiction ) as long as its well written, and has an involving storyline. So....suggest away people!


  1. Oh Amy...where do I start?

    The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory
    Year of Wonder's by Geraldine Brooks
    Tuscan Rose - Belinda Alexandra
    Mademoiselle Boleyn - Robyn Maxwell
    Wildflower Hill - Kimberly Freeman
    Seven Little Australians - Ethel Turner
    Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery
    The Story of Danny Dunn - Bryce Courtenay.

    There you go thats a great start!!

  2. Lately... here are two books I've just loved to bits:

    Jasper Jones
    The Book Thief


  3. @Polly - i think i'd like " The Other Boleyn Girl " ( i've seen the movie and it was pretty good ) and i've already read 3 Bryce Courtenay books this i might have to save that suggestion for later!

    @Maxabella - I read " The Book Thief " last year...a fantastic read!

  4. I too was going to suggest Bryce Courtenay. Jane Eyre, Little women, Of mice and Men, The Great Gastby, call of the wild, wuthering heights. There are so many.
    I recently stumbled across this list which might help:

  5. I am with Polly, you must read The Other Boleyn Girl, I was totally going to suggest it even before I read Polly's comment!

    I've also just been reading a trilogy by John Birmingham (an Aussie!) it's called something like World War 2.1, World War 2.2 & 2.3. Good easy reads and a very interesting concept, I quite enjoyed them and they've been out for years so you could probably get them at the library pretty easy. Not something I thought I would have liked so I was pleasantly surprised.

    And of course you've read my review of The Sandalwood Tree. If you want I can send it to you to read and then you could pass it on to another blogger once you're done if you like. If you're interested email me your postal address. I'm thinking of doing that with a couple of the books I've read recently, might make it a new thing!