Friday, February 25, 2011

Lover Boy

I just wanted to let you all know that i am madly, insanely, crazy in love with a boy.... and its not Mick. He's really gorgeous, a great kisser and hugger and is hilariously funny. So who is he?
Oh yea, there he is .... its Flynn! I just had to share with the world how much i am loving Flynn right now - he's 14 months on Sunday and so much is happening. He took his first steps way back in December but this week he has really started walking properly. He's still wobbly, and sometimes he only manages half a dozen steps before he falls down, but its beautiful to see how hard it tries, and how big he smiles when he gets it right and i clap for him. He was walking all around the loungeroom today, and kept wobbling over and giving me a huge cuddle, or blowing raspberries on my neck, or giving me a big smooch on the lips ( complete with exaggerated " mwah! " sound ). We went shopping and he said hello to almost every single woman we passed ( dirty flirt! ) and was blowing me kisses from his stroller while we waited at Medicare. Everything he did today was just so heart couldnt help but swell with love, and pride.
Do you ever have moments like these with your kids?


  1. Every single day. Our children are such a gift.

  2. What a little charmer!
    Just had one of those moments - my heart sang! Ida sound asleep in her new flanalette pygamas, snuggled on top of her new teddy.

  3. Yay for Flynn!! I get moments like that with Miss P too, I always love her but sometimes I just get these rushes of love that feel amazing :-)

  4. That feeling is so wonderful isn't it ;)
    PS. My son was sporting a skeleton shirt the other day ;)

  5. Grayson has been stumbling all over the house. It's exciting! But, with the walking came the climbing and he's into EVERYTHING. I've had to back-up David's baby proofing. Super fun.

  6. What a happy little champ he is, too. Obviously thriving via mumma's love! x