Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Days of Music - Day 7

Wow - cant believe i've made it a whole week! fair enough, i've combined two days prompts a time or two but the point is i've stuck with the whole challenge thing for a week. Yay for me and my consistency! Anyhoo...
Day 7 - What song do you listen to when chilling out?

Umm, chilling out - whats that? No, seriously, when i do get a chance to chill out its usually with Mick and Flynn in the house aswell, and its usually with the tv on and a book/magazine/laptop. So i really didnt have any idea what to do for this one. And then i remember that time before i was partenered up and when i didnt have a small, demanding toddler running my house and i recalled that i quite often liked to put 5 discs in my cd player and let them spin. Sometimes i even did a theme day - like " The All Goo Goo Dolls Day " or " All Country Music, All The Way " or " All Movie Soundtracks, All The Time ". So, bearing that in mind, i decided to go with a song off a Broadway musical soundtrack, one that makes me happy and uplifted and that i like to play every New Years Eve -
" Seasons Of Love ", from the musical " Rent ", which i saw on Broadway in December of 2004 and have loved ever since. The video is actually the opening credits of the film version of the musical, so its a slightly different version to the one of my cd, but i love it just the same....


  1. Great choice! I LOVE this song too! I've never seen Rent but when I was in NSW State Vocal Ensemble this was one of the songs we did and it was one of my favourites to sing!

    Thanks for reminding me of a great song!

  2. I love this song too. The choir I was in in high school sang this song for a competition and I did the solo. I loved it. I still sing it a lot. Mostly to myself. I wish I could see it on Broadway, or maybe even off if it ever travels through my neck of the woods, but I don't know anyone around here who enjoys plays like I do.