Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bring On The Sun!

So the lovely Suger did a post a few days ago about how much she was enjoying the slow ride into summer, and about how when she left Sydney for Queensland she took the sun and the warmth with her. Well, Miss Suger - i want it back!

You cant do this in the cold...

Its only been four days but i am tired of the rain and am longing for the sun we had last week. I want to go the park with my mothers group and let our littlies run around in the sunshine, instead of having to take them to the indoor playground again. I want go be able to wear one of the cute dresses i bought on our honeymoon instead of having to rug up in one of Mick's big hoodies ( yep, it was that chilly today! ). And Flynn has been saying " Outside Mum. I want sprinkler! " for the last four days straight - he's not even 2 yet and already he has the "bug ", that seemingl Aussie knack to be outside and preferably with water during the warmer months.

.... or this! Bring back summer!

So, Suger and/or whoever else may be responsible for taking the sunshine and the warmth and replacing it with a very crappy psuedo-winter - give it back! I need my sunshine and i need it now!


  1. I could not agree more, Ollie keeps telling me how boring rain is and Flynn stands at the back door with the Doldrums, and don't get me started on the washing!

  2. Sorry!! Sending it straight back to you. xo

  3. Omg I agree, this crappy weather is so crappy!! Hopefully we have sun on Sunday as it's my friends wedding :)

    Go away rain!

    Talitha xx

    ps. Was speaking to the breeder about yard size. I was worried I would need a bigger yard for 2 dogs, then I saw her place, it's practically a courtyard! She said as long as the dogs get a good run around 15-20mins morning and afternoon, then they will just sleep all day. Exercise is the key :)


  4. Look how grown up that little man is looking!! OMG! I agree wet weather and kids just don't mix so fingers crossed it clears up fast!!