Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Polly Dolly - Purple Princess AND Gym Junkie

So - i think we all know that Thursdays around here mean my participation in Polly Dolly, the most awesome fashion challenge ever  ( as set every week by the gorgeous Dani, from Danimezza ). This week, however, there is double the challenge because Dani did a Polly Dolly post on Tuesday aswell as today. So - challenge #1: Dani would like to know how we'd dress Miss Polly in the colour....

Polly Dolly - Purple Princess AND Gym Junkie
I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous feathered mini! I kept everything else pared down, so the outfit didnt get too overwhelming - a fitted white blouse, purple heels, a sweet Marc Jacobs necklace and colour-matched clutch. Pair a sleek high bun, a soft mauve eye and a spritz of my favourite nighttime fragrance and Polly makes a beautiful purple princess...

Which brings us to challenge #2: after a big night out in her gorgeous purple mini, what would Polly wear to hit the...
If she were anything like me when i was a gym junkie ( i was a 6 days a week girl, but when i got pregnant i had to stop going because i couldnt afford the membership. I miss it! ) she'd wear 3/4 length yoga pants, an exercise tank for ease of movement and a good sports bra. Water and tunes are essential for the treadmill, and her onw yoga mat so she cool down in comfort ( or hit yoga class after her run ). A Powerade to restore the electrolytes and then Polly is ready to hit the showers!


  1. Awesome sets!
    Loving the skirt. xx

  2. That is one of the cutest skirts I've ever seen! Those heels are awesome, too :)

  3. I love both sets and honestly would wear them both. Damn need that limitless credit card!

  4. Woowoo, rockin the feather skirt, great outit.

    And that reminds me, totally need new gym gear >.<

    Talitha xx

  5. That is such a funky skirt! Matched with the bag and those killer shoes? Great for a night on the town!

    I really want that bag... :D

    Only 670$ D:

  6. I am loving that clutch, it is amazing

  7. Gasp - Those heels!
    Waited and waited to participate in this challenge then when it was finally back up and running I missed it :(
    Better luck next week...