Monday, November 14, 2011

Introducing The New Mrs F!

Which, of course would be me... i'm back ladies and gentleman, as a married lady and (almost) with a new name. I know i havent posted for a bit over a week but, of course, after the actual wedding day Mick and i flitted off our honeymoon to the Gold Coast, living Flynn at home with Grandma and Poppy.

I will post in more detail shortly, but for now, i thought it might be nice to make my blogging comeback with a brief hello and a sneak peek of our wedding photos ( if your friends with me on Facebook you can see a few more that our photographer has posted ). So for now, i'll head off to fold some more clean washing, you can check out the few littlew piccies and i'll promise a more in depth post tomorrow!

(This one is one of my favourites that i've seen thus far... )


  1. Why hello there Mrs F! Soo glad that you are back and seemed to of had an amazing day and honeymoon :) Those photos are all GORGEOUS I especially like the last one of you, you look beautiful and so happy x

  2. I think you can be excused for not posting for a week! What a week. Congratulations!!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your beautiful day soon (and seeing more gorgeous photos).

  3. You look wonderful! Congratulations and a happy life together for you both :)

  4. You look amazing, can't wait to see more pics and hear about your day!

    Talitha xx

    ps. Congrats Mrs F :)

  5. Congratulations! You looked beautiful - you all did - these photos are great.

  6. Amy, you look stunning. Huge congratulations and I wish you both every happiness. Really looking forward to hearing more about it :-)

  7. Ahhh, you're back! I've been stalking the blog, waiting to see! You look absolutely amazing Amy, I LOVE your dress!

    I hope the day was absolutely fabulous and can't wait to hear more about it.

    P.S Thank also for you lovely words of advice via email, I haven't had a chance to reply but I really do appreciate them!