Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

....to my very handsome, kind of crazy, but insanely loveable husband Mick!
Unfortunately its a weekday which means he has to work, but i'm looking forward to having him home tonight and sharing birthday dinner and dessert with him. I'm doing a pork and pear tray bake ( pork rashers and pears in a maple syrup marinade, oven baked ) and a dessert i'm calling a Layered Dessert Brownie ( chopped up brownies layered in a tall glass with raspberries, homemade custard , chocolate sauce and coconut ). There is no birthday cake because, again unfortunately, poor Mick has to work later than normal on his birthday, so we are inviting the family around on Sunday morning to do a belated birthday celebration.

I was also hoping to suprise both my boys by putting up our Christmas tree while Flynn had his nap this afternoon - however, after going out to the shed (in the rain! ) to bring all the Christmas stuff back inside i discovered we are missing half our tree! Methinks my stupid wonderful husband may have accidentally thrown some of it out when he did a clean up earlier this year... bah humbug to that!

Ah well - hopefully my hubby is enjoying his birthday at work as much as he can, and i can do the tree tomorrow while Flynn sleeps. After all, its bad luck to put it up before December 1st anyway, isnt it?


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby, the menu sounds delish. Make sure you post a pic of your cake.

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby! Your dinner and dessert sound delicious - you should post recipes and pics! Mmmmmmmm salivating at the thought.

    Hope it's not bad luck to put tree up before Dec 1st because we put ours up last night...only because tonight we'll be busy packing for an out of town wedding.

    Thank you for your blog comment. You should totally try and publish your books - why don't you try one of those self-publishing sites that also publishes e-readers? Just google e-reader publishers and see what comes up xxx

  3. Hope he had a great day and the dinner turned out wonderfully :)

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to Mick! I hope you all had a great day xx