Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Photos 2011

So - it was inevitable that at some point before Christmas i would post Flynns 2011 Santa photos, right? Come on, every " mummy " blogger worth her salt is throwing out the best pics of their kiddies, and by "best " i mean one like this:
Oh yes, that is my beautiful son - cacking his daks and screaming his lungs out at having to be anywhere near Santa. This is honestly the ONLY photo we could get Flynn in the frame with the big red man... every other time i'd plop him in that little chair and he'd dart straight back up before the photo could be taken. Luckily we have our Santa photos done by my very good friend Ree ( look her up under Speaking One Thousand Words on Facebook ) and she's smart enough to know that not every child is going to like Santa, so she has a couple of other Christmas-y set ups to be used. Also luckily, we jointly decided to take some photos with the other set-ups before we tried with Santa, because i had kind of predicted a major Flynny meltdown. So, instead of having just that hilariously horrible Santa photo, i have these beauties to remember this Christmas by:

He wasnt overly fond of the tinsel under his bum....

....but he did enjoy ringing Santa's bell...

....and this? This is my favourite.

So what about you? Are you're kids " okay " with Santa, or did they crack it? And how were you as a kid?
Oh - and from me and mine to you and yours - Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Hahaha poor Flynn, that first photo is a keeper!

    How wonderful that she has other set ups and you got the amazing photos you did :)

  2. I think they're great photos, yes, even the first one! Definitely one to keep and pull out at an opportune moment!

  3. Great pics, and merry christmas to you and yours also Amy!x

  4. Those photos are all classic! My fave is the last one as well though - his smile is so cheeky and sweet!
    I didn't do Santa photos this year - I know Roo would LOVE him, but I'm not sure about the boys and the logistics of two screaming 18 month olds got the better of me!