Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Musical Interlude

Having run all over town this morning doing some semi-last minute errands before Christmas ( including taking Flynn for a haircut appointment at 8:15am.... ) i got to listen to a fair bit of music whilst out and about in the car. Usually its The Wiggles all the way while we cruise around - lets just say it keeps the peace - but today i vetoed the thousandth repeat of " Wake Up Jeff! " and decided to switch on Micks IPod. After wading through some crap ( ahem... White Zombie ) i came across the first dance song from our wedding... which firstly made me a bit nostalgic - even though we've only been married 6 weeks - and secondly, i remembered that i had promised a few more wedding posts. So, today i present you all with the three most important songs for any girls wedding:
#1 - the song she walks down the aisle to;
#2 - the song the newlyweds walk back up the aisle to to greet their guests and
#3 - the all important first dance song.

#1 - " Just Because " by Nikka Costa. I thought a lot about the song i wanted to walk down the aisle to and the one thing i knew is that i didnt want it to be a song that had be " done " a bazillion times before. So i (we ) went with one of my favourite love songs of all time, which really just somes up my feelings towards Mick... basically, i love him ' just because ' - because of all the simple, little things that just make him him.

#2 - " Burn Your Name " by Powderfinger. One of my FAVE bands of all time. This song came out a few weeks before Flynn was born and from the first time i heard it it was a song that represented so much about how i felt about Mick and our impending family. When it came to planning the wedding i knew i wanted to have it somewhere, and because its a bit more uptempo we decided to use it as the song we played after the ceremony, when everyone is a celebratory mood.

#3 - " Bless the Broken Road " by Rascall Flatts. We were pretty much unanimous on this one. We both love this song, it represents the way we felt coming into our relationship, and its a great melody for a slow dance. Love!

So there you be - the 3 most important songs from my special day. How about you - what songs did you have, or would you have, at your wedding?


  1. I just love that Rascal Flatt song and I have shivers listening to it now.

    For us we decided to stay ultra traditional and I walked up the aisle to the Wedding March by Wagner (Yep that is Here comes the bride -I told you ultra traditional!!) and yep we walked out to Medelssohn's Wedding March.

    But to make the ceremony ours we signed the register to Forever by Ben Harper, and our bridal Waltz was Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbin - a song we have been known to dance crazily too at around 3am on many occasions!!

  2. PS all your songs are beautiful choices Amy x

  3. Great choices lovely.

    I think I know what I am walking down the aisle too - and like you I want something different.

    Am thinking of having the "signed, sealed delivered I'm yours" for either signing the register or leaving the church.

    Our first dance song is Last Night on Earth by Greenday. So beautiful :)

    Talitha xx

  4. Those songs are so beautiful Amy! Perfect for a wedding!
    Pal and I didn't have ANY music at our wedding, seeing as we eloped in a fashion.
    But, when the big wedding was in the planning stages, the aisle song was "Mango Tree" by Angus and Julia Stone, I can't remember what going back down the aisle was, and first dance was the acoustic version of "everlong" by the Foo Fighters.
    I love how personal music can be!