Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 Weeks

So congrats to me - i'm officially 30 weeks pregnant today, which means this little bubba is 3/4 of the way done baking. As of tomorrow i can officially say i have less than 10 weeks til my due date, though i'm hoping that Miss Jelly makes an appearance a bit before that because i dont know if i can hold out another 10 weeks! Maybe my baby brain is preventing me from accurately remembering my pregnancy with Flynn but i dont recall being this achey, heartburn-y or uncomfortable at the 30 week mark last time. Dont get me wrong, the miracle of growing a baby is amazing and i feel very privileged to be lucky enough to do it for a second time.... its just i swear this girl loves shoving her bum right up under my ribs so i cant breath properly, or sit upright comfortably for more than an hour at a time! Just my luck, she's probably stubborn like her mother....
Apparently, thats what Miss Jelly looks like in there!

Anyhoo, aswell as being able to start the single digit countdown as of tomorrow, the 30 week mark is also a time to reflect on the things i still have to do before Miss Jelly makes her arrival. In no particular order:

* Get the cot mattress and pink bedding out of lay by - mattress from Flynns cot unfortunately got a bit mildew-y in the shed and had to be thrown out.
* Set up the cot and and reconfigure the furniture in the babies room. It all got moved around when Flynn went into a " big boy bed" so now i have to put it back into baby formation.
* Make the second piece of fabric wall art i'd like to make. I finished the bunting yesterday ( sooooo excited! I'd love to show you but seeing as it has her name on it i'm going to have to keep it a secret! ) and i'm going to use the remaining fabric stretched over a canvas to hang on the opposite wall to the bunting.
* Brave the Big W Toy Sale, where i may or may not use my burgeoning bump to get me through the hoardes of other crazy mums. I will not , however, be tripping up there at midnight... screw that, my sleep is far too precious in this 3rd trimester to be bothered shopping at midnight!
* Wash, dry and fold all the tiny clothes - i've gone through all Flynns old stuff and kept all the vaguely unisex stuff, but i'm kind of secretly excited by the new pink/purple/red cuteness....
* Pack 3 bags - one for me for the hospital, one for Miss Jelly, and one for Flynn, in case he has an overnight stay with Poppy during the labour.
* Get my chef on - i intend on cooking up some casseroles, curries and pasta bakes to freeze so that we have something nutritious to eat in the first few weeks after bub is born, just in case i dont feel like cooking. ( Which, lets face it, i probably wont, at least a few times ).

Plus, i'm sure there are plenty of other things i'm forgetting, things that seem so trivial that they'll slip my mind until the very last minute... which will, of course, send me into a flap.


  1. Yep thats a good list, can I steal it?? Our babies room is currently a junk room after the move and our cot is in pieces. And sadly the more babies you have the more achey your body becomes, I can't recommend Garth at awakening more highly though, he has performed miracles for my achy body, I plan to go again very very soon.

  2. Ahhh, so exciting, you're on the home stretch now! Can't wait to hear the good news when she makes her appearance and see the finished product of her room!

  3. Ahhh, so exciting, you're on the home stretch now! Can't wait to hear the good news when she makes her appearance and see the finished product of her room!