Friday, June 1, 2012

(Late) Friday Flip Offs

Its been a long time since i've done a " Friday Flip Offs "-  a list of things that have irked me over the past week - but after the week i've had this week i'm feeling the need to get a few well earned flip offs of my chest!

* To the last 3 unfinished clues in my otherwise perfect crossword puzzle - you annoy me. Why must you star eup at me from the otherwise well finished page? I probably wont sleep now because i'll be racking my brain to think of the answers.... FLIP OFF!

* To the lack of affordable maternity wear in this town - i do not have bucket loads of money to spend on clothes i will only wear for a few months. Why isnt there more on offer at the two leading department stores here ( a shout out to you Big W and Target ). I have found a few things i like and have just bought a size or two bigger than normal, but then this brings up the problem of approriate length to fit over my ever-expanding bump. Either get some more nice stuff for pregnant ladies - in more colours than just black, white and grey! - or.... FLIP OFF!

* To my beautiful son, whom i love very much, but who is very heavy - Mummy loves you, and i know you've been feeling a bit yucky this week... but i just cant have you sitting on my lap for hours at a time anymore. You're getting too heavy to sit on top of me, on top of my bump and after 6 days of it my hips/pelvis/stomach are absolutely killing me. I've cried a few times because its hurt so much. I love you baby but could you possibly either a) snuggle with Daddy for a while, b) learn to snuggle next to me instead of on top of me or c).... FLIP OFF!

* To the firm of electricians who charged me way too much - its not fair to take advantage of me because i wanted the work done quickly, and because your a bigger firm and thus have more people to pay. All i wanted was 2 powerpoints and a tv point installed and now i find out you charged me 3 times as much as another local electrican could have done it for. If i hadnt been so desperate to get a powerpoint in Flynns new room so he can put a heater in there i definately would have told you to.... FLIP OFF!

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  1. Have a look at ASOS and Dorothy Perkins. They are both reasonably priced, ASOS has free postage and Dorothy Perkins is reasonable. I have bought some lovely bits and peices from DP. (Postage is quick too about a week)