Friday, June 29, 2012

Heartburn Is A Blog Killer

So I've let go another week and a bit without a post - although it seems to me like some of my favourite blogs have also been a bit quiet of late. Suprisingly enough, its those written by women who have either just had a baby ( shout out to Ames  ) or are due to be pushing one out sometime soon ( I'm looking at you Holly and Polly ! ). I'd say there is probably a whole lot we al could be writing about, its just the lack of physical energy that comes with pregnancy and/or a new baby does not equate to a plethora of blog posts.

So, in the grand tradition of pregnant bloggers everywhere, let me just talk about the pregnancy again shall i? Since my last post - a list of stuff i still need to get done before Miss Jelly arrives - i've actually managed to complete 3 things: the cot mattress and bedding is out of layby, the baby clothes are washed, dried, folded and in the tallboy, and i have conquered the Big W Toy Sale.

Mind you, i did NOT conquer it at midnight with the rest of the crazy mamas. Oh no - not only is sleep precious to me but i didnt really fancy getting into a scrag fight over the last Dinosaur Train " Interactive Boris " left on the shelf. No, i did my 9am - 5pm Thursday at work and went afterwards. I was quite pleased that it only took me 40 mins to find everything on my list ( though i did have to substitute one or two things ) and a miraculous 15 minutes in the layby line. Plus, no scrag fighting and i only stole one toy from a child, so i'm pretty pleased. ( Long story short, there was only of the particular Barbie product i wanted left on the shelf, and it was being played with by a little girl. When she squealed " i'm going to go ask mum if i can have this! " and run off to find said Mum, i scooped up that Barbie, threw her in the trolley and wheeled on outta there! )

So the next two things on the agenda are set up the cot and the rest of the babies room, and start and finish my second piece of wall art. All i need to do is nag my husband enough that he caves in and puts the cot back together, and borrow a staple gun from my sister builder boyfriend so i can get creative stapling fabric to a canvas. A pregnant lady with a staple gun? Watch out world!


  1. Nice work getting stuff done! Feels so good when you can tick those things off the list.

    I did the Big W toy sale on Saturday and thankfully, because Richmond Big W is fairly small the crazy mumma's all go to Penrith or Rouse Hill so there was heaps left and I didn't have to wait in a layby line at all, I just walked straight up and got served! Score! Got all of the munchkins Christmas and birthday pressies sorted and grabbed extra stuff so my mum, sisters and MIL can all give me some money and have one or two of the things to give her too. Biggest layby I have ever done!

  2. And the irony is that, on the night of the post, pushing out a baby was exactly what I was doing!!!!!