Monday, August 6, 2012

DD Minus 22 - Its Getting Real!

So yes, I missed DD m us days 24 and 23. To be fair it was the weekend' and on the Saturday at least I was super busy and completely stuffed by bedtime so just didn't have the time to blog. However, let's consider this me getting back in track! And perhaps just in time too....

See today I got all excited and thought that perhaps my waters had broken. You would think seeing as this is my second child I would KNOW when my waters had broken but they never did break with Flynn, so don't actually know what waters breaking is like,e! Long story short, my waters haven't broken but the doctor that I saw in the labour ward seems to think that I could probably go sometime in the next week.

I have to admit hearing that made me a little bit excited.... perhaps less than a week and my little lady could be here! We also know how even the experts can't always predict what babies are and aren't going to do so I could end up overdue. All I know is that at  37 weeks tomorrow.... this shit is getting real!

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  1. Wooooooo!!!! I'm so excited for you! I really can't wait to see pics of this gorgeous new girly addition you bringing to the world! She's gonna be awesome! I am gonna cross everything I have that the Doc is bang on the money and it does happen sometime in the next week.