Thursday, August 2, 2012

DD Minus 26 - Big vs Small

I wonder why it is as soon a pregnant woman starts showing, that everyone is the universe feels its ok to comment on the size of her bump? Checkout chicks, delivery men, people in line at the bank.... it seems like everyone loves a pregnant belly, and there is nothing better than getting to throw their two cents worth in on its size and/or shape. I'll admit, i've never copped the " Oh my God - you're the size of a house! " comments - it seems, even though i'm relatively short in the torso, that i carry " small " and produce small children ( although Miss Jelly here may yet prove that theory wrong ). Even so, i've had my fair share of " Wow - you're so little! " or " You're barely showing! " or comment made about how neat and tidy my bump is.

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Like i have any say in it of course - its not like i've done anything in particular to keep my bump relatively small, nor could i even if i had wanted to. Luckily, i'm a " water off a ducks back " kind of gal, and comments on my bump dont really bother me so much. However, i think i may feel differently if random strangers kept telling me how huge i was, instead of how small. Just like me, those gorgeous pregnant women who end up with massive preggy bellies, akin to having to carry a whopping great big watermelon around with you all day... well, they havent done anything out of the ordinary to end up " big " either. Some of them may have gestional diabetes or some other pregnancy complication that has increased the size of their bumps, but thats hardly their fault. Even if it were their fault - why do people feel its ok to make comment on it? Its not like when they see a massively obese person in the supermarket that they go " Woah, holy moly - you're gigantic arent you? "

No, no they dont. You know why? Because that would be rude! So on behalf of pregnant ladies everywhere - big, small, super curvy or tear dropped shaped bumps, carrying high or carrying low - please think about what you're saying before you open your mouth. By all means, ask when our due date is, or how we're feeling, or if we've picked a name yet ( those are all far less controversial ).... just keep comments about body shape/size to yourself ( unless you're going to tell me how gorgeous my bump is ). If you wouldnt like me telling you that you're the size of a barge, or inferring that how small you are is akin to being unhealthy, then dont say it to me!

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  1. It's so weird hey! I was constantly being told how big I was, and the worst offender was my SIL! Even now she takes great joy in commenting on how 'huge' I got. Still makes me stabby!