Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One I Hate

I'll admit it - I am not the neatest of freaks. My house is quite thoroughly lived in, and though do try and clean some part of it everyday it retains that air of ' recent tornado ' that only a 3 yr old boy can provide. So even though I do my best there one job I just hate doing.... and that's cleaning the bathroom.

Maybe if I had a bathroom like this I might enjoy cleaning it...

The problem is that the bathroom isn't one of those jobs you can put off forever. You know, like folding the washing - you can put that off until you've cultivated yourself quite a nice Mt Washing-ton and it doesn't really matter. But if you put cleaning the bathroom off for too long and you start cultivating yourself a nice batch of mould.... which is really not that nice at all is it?

So I nominated Tuesdays as ' clean the bathroom day '.... and its now Wednesday night and I haven't done it yet. ( Drafting a pattern and sewing Tully a pretty dress has been way more important ). I'm not sure exactly what it is that irks me so much about cleaning the bathroom - maybe the chemical smells, maybe the myriad of surfaces that have to be scrubbed, maybe the fact I'm the only one who does it - but I know that now that i 've already misuse my cleaning day by one day, I have to get to it tomorrow. Or Friday, at the latest.

So what about you - which domestic delight do you find less than delightful?


  1. YES! I hate cleaning the bathroom too and it is for two reasons.
    1. Because I am the only one that does it.
    2. Because within mere hours of doing it Dave has messed it up again with water all over the sink and bloody toothpaste streaks all over the mirror! What is with that anyway, why is it so hard to brush your teeth without getting toothpaste residue everywhere and all over the mirror?

  2. Washing up, and getting clothes off the line are my two worst, although at the moment I'm finding it hard to get anything much done....ironing lady perhaps?

  3. YAY for new babies! Congratumalations!

    And don't worry, toilet cleaning can always be outsourced ;)