Monday, April 6, 2009

Sorry, But My Dog Ate My Blog Posts...

Well holy guacamole boys and girls - it feels like i havent posted on here for months! It hasnt been quite that long of course, but even a break of a week or two feels like an age in the blogosphere. Barely anybody is reading me anymore - or at least, they arent commenting - and i cant blame them.... why would they bother coming back when there is nothing new to come back to ?

So lets see. In the last month i have:
* Met an absolutely gorgeous, sweet man who is making me incredibly happy - Mr Gil is his (code)name
* Been sent to another state to work for two weeks
* Ridden on the back of a Harley for the first time
* Spent ridiculous amounts of money on magazines to keep me amused in my motel room ( Madison, Marie Clare, Glamour, NW .... )
* Eaten far too many chicken and tzatziki foccacias ( so damn good! )
* Bookended the month with two great weekends spent entirely in Mr Gils company
* Discovered the charm of Taylor Swift
* And have witnessed the deifnate change of seasons here in DubVegas

So, all in all, not such a bad month. You would have thought that with all that time on my hands spent on my own in my motel room i would have blogged a little more.... but aside from what was going on in my temporary place of employment ( boring! ) all i would have had to blog about would have been my extended phoen conversations with Mr Gil ( private! ).

So there you have it - my reasons/excuses for my absenteeism the past month. If you are still reading firstly, thankyou, and secondly please keep checking back. I promise to make myself more available in the future, as i fall ever deeper in love ( the way things are going, thats almost a given ), take more roadtrips ( semi-planned already ) and win the lottery ( what? That'll happen! )....


  1. Hey, I understand the blog break, as I basically took one recently, too.
    I'm still reading you! You're always going to be one of my favorites, like one of my Bloggers of the Round Table, so to speak.
    I'm so excited for you that Mr. Gil is working out.

  2. Aw, as long as you're happy, that's the important thing. And you certainly seem to be happy!

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