Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Message From The Cold Frog

Its starting to get colder - and i'm not liking it. Its no secret that i am so NOT a big fan of winter, but truth be told i dont enjoy the change of seasons either. I read so many blog posts and magazine articles about how individuals enjoy the change of seasons from autumn to winter - the crisp freshness of the air; the colours of the leaves as they dance on the breeze; the opportunity to rug up in winter coats and drink cocoa. You know - all that poetic stuff. Well not me.

The air is not so much crisp as chilly, giving me goosebumps that have absolutely nothing to do with pleasure; the leaves dont change colour or fall much here because the majority of Australian native trees are evergreen; and i dont drink cocoa. So the only plus there for me is the rugging up bit - winter coats and scarves and Ugg boots. Yep - i said Ugg boots. I was coveting Christian Louboutins in my last post but come winter, nothing beats a pair of Uggs.

So sure, all you snow bunnies out there relish the chance to start planning your annual ski holiday. And all you lucky people in the Northern hemisphere enjoy the transition into sweet, sunshiney, summer. I'll be here in my Ugg boots and knitted beanie, scowling at the cold in my bones....


  1. Hehehe!

    I have an Aussie friend who is going back to Melbourne for six months next month. So is leaving our "summer" (which you never know might be nice!) to go to winter there. Only to return during our winter.

    I can't help but laugh!

  2. I got sunburned on Sunday. Yes, in London.

  3. @Em - sorry but.... hahahahaha!

  4. I think it's weird, I'm just getting out of winter and your going in. I love the snow but i get so sick of the cold. Summer is better because of the beach and i get tan! :)

  5. I miss the winters in NY. We seldom get any snowstorms now.

  6. - Visit us or die!