Sunday, March 14, 2010

An ( Almost ) Day In The Life....

Time again for another Blog This! challenge:
Do you have a day of the week that is your favourite or you dread? Take us through the day or your week- what happens, what makes it pleasant/challenging - Do a mini-diary of your day - let your readers know what your life is REALLY like. Take photos if you wish...:

I want to preface the bulk of this post by saying that I’m a new mum to an 11 week old baby boy – I haven’t had a “ typical “ day in almost 3 months, ok? That being said, routines are starting to develop and patterns are slowly starting to emerge so in the spirit of the challenge I have come up with what I hope will soon be a “ normal “ day….

7:30am – woken up by baby sounds. Not crying, not grizzling – then what is it ? Its giggling. Find my son awake in his cot laughing his guts out at the mobile above his bed. Alternate between thinking he is insanely cute and just plain insane.
7:40am – Time for a feed: booby juice for the baby and peanut butter on toast for me. Remember to take the pill ( no more babies just yet thanks! ) and multivitamins.
8 – 8:30am – playtime. Pop Flynn down on his playmate and watch him kick the crap out of the musical frog and the rattle. He doesn’t really open his hands to reach for things yet but boy can my child kick! Follow kicking with tummy time ( which is getting better ) and general goo-goo-gaa-gaa-ing ( as opposed to Lady Gaga-ing, which is not suitable for babies ). Send Mick off to work with a kiss and a quick bum-squeeze.
8:45 – 9:15am – steal time for a quick shower and a check of email and Facebook. Of course, nothing important or special , just the usual chain emails or spam from my Grandma. Seriously, she sends me the worst emails…
9:20am – more booby juice for Flynn. He’s a hungry boy in the mornings.
9:40am – get Flynn dressed for the day. This sounds simple but sometimes its hard trying to pick the cutest outfit for the days events. If we’re staying home he needs a cute snoozing outfit; if we’re going out shopping, he needs an outfit that will make old women stop me and say “ Aww, what a cute baby! “; and if we’re going to mothers group he needs an outfit that will impress all the girl babies.
10am – 11:30am – head out of the house on some kind of excursion ( usually ). On this particular made up day we’re going out to the shops to get ingredients for dinner ( which I’ve very inconveniently left off the shopping list when we did our groceries ) and then stopping in at Grandma and Poppy’s for a visit.
11:45am – 2pm – Feeding time again. Watch “ The Ellen Degeneres Show “ followed by “ The View “. Flynn may fit in a little half hour nap somewhere here, which allows me time to eat some lunch and go to the toilet.
2pm – 3pm – change the channel so we can watch “ Ready.Steady.Cook! “ Ponder what ingredients I’d have in my gourmet bag and which chef I would most like to cook with. Give Flynn another round of milk and put him down for a good nap this time – none of this 30 min napping, I’m talking at least an hour this time.
3pm – 5pm – get a bit of alone time, which I use to catch up on at least one of the following: blog reading; blog posting; folding of washing; bathroom cleaning; baking; or stealing a nap for myself. Watch “ Martha “ and delight in how easy she makes everything look… but then remember I have neither the skill nor the time to make Twice Baked Red Wine Veal Blahedy Blah. Listen intently for baby cries.
5pm – hear those cries. Scoop my son up out of his cot and settle in for another feed. Get excited because Mick will be home soon which means both someone to share the load with and to have some adult time with. Not that kind of adult time ( too early for that! ) – more like adult conversation instead of gurgling.
5:30 – 7pm – kiss Mick hello when he comes in. Chat about our day while we both make faces to entertain Flynn. Flynn doesn’t take his eyes off Daddy, which means I can sneak out into the kitchen to cook some dinner. Try and watch “ Neighbours “ inbetween chopping, stirring or turning. End up missing the most important part.
7 – 9pm – Dinnertime: some type of fabulous gourmet meal ( read: attempted gourmet meal ) for Mick and I, yet another round of milk for Flynn. He’ll have two feeds in this time and be fed, changed, wrapped, cuddled and put to sleep by 9pm.
9 – 10pm – “ alone “ time for Mick and I. We’ll watch the end of a tv show and then get ready for bed, where we will either snuggle down and have a bit of a chat, enjoy some “ sexy “ time ( without having a huge baby bump in the way! ) or curl up together and go straight to sleep. Sometimes, on energetic days, we do all three.
Around 4:40am – wake up to little grizzles coming from Flynn’s room. Night feed which, thankfully, doesn’t take too long because my boobs are fit to burst and the milk flows pretty fast. Burp and change the bubba boy and wrap him back up. Straight back into his bed, and straight back into mine. Start pushing out the zzz’s as quickly as possible, otherwise its going to get to 7:30am when it starts all over again…


  1. Your day is a lot more normal than mine. I can't get Grayson to nap for the life of me, and when he does, it's on me. I've resorted to putting Claire down for her usual afternoon nap and then lying in bed with Grayson while he snoozes and nurses and I watch TV or nap too.

  2. I can't wait until Charlotte is giggling :) and sleeping so long in the night!

  3. Ahh the memories! I am reliving it all again through my daughters eyes. Enjoy, They grow up so fast it's unfair!!!

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  6. I remember having just one little bubba with that kind of routine - enjoy your time with him.
    Great challenge post.

  7. Sound very much like my day Amy ;)

  8. Awwwwww. Makes me wistful over my days with my babies when they were this age. Lovely entry!