Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't Talkback To Me!

I have a confession to make : I listen to talkback radio. At night. And I’m only 26 yrs old.

And its not even “ shock jock “ stuff. Its just ordinary people ringing in to discuss whatever they want with the radio host and a couple of thousand other people. Don’t judge me ok ? Once upon a time I thought late night talk back radio was extremely daggy – there was no way you’d have me listening to random old women ringing in to flirt with the cheesy host when I could be listening to some Top 40 countdown instead. I’ve always listened to the radio at night on an FM station ( music helps me sleep ) but then when Mick and I started sharing a bed I discovered that he was a talkback fan. Gasp! And here I was thinking he was cool….

But you know what ? I’ve secretly grown to like it. Its like reality tv without the pictures. All kinds of people ring in and they talk about all kinds of things and I get to lie there, like some kind of voyeur, and listen in to their conversations. Sure, mostly its political stuff, or opinions on a social issue or current news story, but its interesting to here other peoples take on things. Its even more interesting when the caller and the host don’t agree and then they get into a petty argument ( don’t we all love a good fight? ) I have to say, though, that its really hard not to lie in my bed and curse out loud when I don’t agree with the caller – you know, like “ You’re freaking kidding! What, aren’t you listening ? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! “. Mick has had to roll over once or twice and remind me that a) they cant hear me and b) I’m supposed to be going to sleep….

So – to all the talkback radio callers who entertain me of a nighttime, I salute you! The truckies and shift-workers; the old men and flirty old ladies who prefer the “wireless “ to the tv; and yes, even to those crazy weirdo people who ring in at 3 or 4am when they should be asleep ( I’m awake because I’m breastfeeding – I have an excuse… ), thanks for taking advantage of our freedom of speech and helping me get to sleep at night. P.S That is no way indicative of how boring some of you are sometimes, its just how I roll…..


  1. I like talk radio too. I even listen to John Tesh. Sad I know. But I'm totally w/ you on this.

  2. I love listening to talk radio on long car rides. It always makes for an entertaining time. Additionally, I love the word daggy!! (I've never heard it before.)

  3. I've never really listened to talkback I remember there was this talk show on one of our local radio stations back when I was a kid every night and people used to phone in . . . we were all obsessed with it for a while, but like all things when we were kids, the obsession didn't last long!

  4. my fav radio station is radio national, I love the talkback segments, and docos.

  5. HE-UGE fan of talk-back radio. I used to listen to Spoon man on Triple M who seems to have vanished from the airwaves and not sure if you have something similar up there but I can't get enough of Love song Dedications where people ring in and pledge there (often unrequited) love.