Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Blog!

So - i'm up to 14 followers! Go team Amy go! I know that sounds like an absolute pitiful amount to some of you out there, those of you have literally hundreds of people reading you, but 14 is huge to me. I like that there are now 14 people out there there who like what i'm doing, who like my writing enough to officially press the ' Follow ' button. I feel like the last month has seen a major return to blogging for me - I'd never really stopped but the quality of my posting had. But I have a passion for it again. I'm writing more often and i'd like to think i'm writing better stuff. And not only am i writing more, i'm inspired to read more, and am spending a bit of time each day searching out new and exciting blogs to add to my reader.

However, and this is sad - i've been dumped. Bumped. Rejected, as it were. And i'm kind of upset about it. Here's the scenario - one of the blogs that i have been reading FOREVER has been made an invite-only blog.... AND I WASNT INVITED. Why am i kind of upset about this ? Well, this was the first blog i ever read, the blog that got me interested in blogging. I'd been reading it from its inception and reading it religiously, hardly ever missing a post. I felt like this blogger was my friend - in fact, we even met up once and hung out for four or five days, despite the fact that we lived over 10 hours drive apart. So i think it would be fair to say that if you were going to make your blog invite-only, i would be on the list. Right ? Yet, i'm not.

Where did i go wrong? Did i comment too much ? Not enough ? Did i start writing too much about pregnancy and babies and boring mumma stuff, and that somehow excludes me from reading what you write ? I just dont get it. I mean i'm loyal, man - if you write consistently good stuff, i'm there with you for the long haul.

You know, unless you decide to go and make your blog invite-only and then dont invite me....


  1. I'd invite you, but I don't plan on making my blog invite only, so no worries!

  2. I wouldn't take it personally. That's been done to me before.

    I think some people make it invite only, but don't actually invite ANY ONE. They've just decided to keep it private for themselves.

    That's what I tell myself to make myself feel better anyways! x

  3. I always take it personally when a blog i like becomes invite only. I always feel a bit awkward asking for an invite too - what if they say no?

    It's the same when I have to ask for a password to a protected post . . .

  4. I had a sort of similar situation..a blogger that I really liked deleted me as one of her followers. I was hurt by it and couldn't figure out what I'd done or if I'd done anything at all. As Chantelle says...just don't take it personally...hard as that may be!

  5. Hmm that it is confronting but perhaps she forgot to invite you?
    If you can handle possible further rejection maybe send her an email and question her as to why.

  6. I remember feeling devastated when my fave blogger of ALL time just signed off. Stopped blogging. Kaput. I still wonder where she is or if she's OK.

    In this case though, I'd go with FMS's theory.

    Liking the blog, dude. x P23

  7. Holy crap, why wouldn't they invite you? You're awesome.

    For what it's worth, if I went invite only I'd definitely invite you.

    And you deserve all the followers you get. Every one counts, don't worry about the number. It's all relative- if someone had 500 followers, they wish they had 1,000.