Sunday, March 21, 2010

A View, Askew.....

Time for another Blog This! challenge, this time with a twist - this one is a photo challenge instead of a written task. What kind of photo you ask? The challenge reads:
Take a photo and/or share a photo of your favourite view. Is it from your bed, a holiday a local lookout? Why do you love it?

In the spirit of this challenge i thought of places i've been and photos i've taken previously. Dont get me wrong, i live in a lovely little duplex in a nice little neighbourhood, but the view is nothing to boast of. This, however, is something to write home about:

Pretty huh? Wouldnt you love to wake up to that everyday? Sadly, probably not. Despite what it may look like that is not some castle somewhere in Europe - that, my friends, is the church at Port Arthur, Tasmania, as seen from the window of the Governors office. I chose to use this photo because I really love it and it reminds me of a great trip, despite being taken at a place that has witnessed such horror and tragedy. Port Arthur has such a hard, sad, melancholy aura to it yet it managed to be a place of physical beauty - a contradiction i hope i captured in this photo, and this of the church:

Tough rock used to make a place of prayer and serenity; a gorgeous blue sky prisoners would have only been able to see from the windows of a desolate prison cell.....


  1. Fantastic, Amy. My heart skipped a beat, reading that. Well done!

  2. We went to Tassie for our honeymoon, as soon as I saw your pic it took my straight to Pt Arthur and my memories of that place. It was definitely worth visiting but has some very sad memories.

  3. Wow, that's pretty interesting!! It really is a gorgeous picture though...the story behind it makes it even more interesting. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Stunning pics. And yes, I can imagine that there is a lot of history and memory imprinted there.