Friday, October 1, 2010

We're In!

So i had my interview via telephone with Tresillian ( a sleep clinic for babies/toddlers ) and... we've been accepted. Thank Gawd! We've actually been put on the urgent list so hopefully we can be admitted within a week. Only thing is it will be on short notice so they may ring me Monday ( for example ) and ask me to be there ready to start on Tuesday - which means packing a bag for Flynn and I and hightailing it the almost 6 hr drive to Sydney. On my own, most likely - Mick doesnt think he will be able to come because of the short notice thing ( he's a truck driver so he may be away in another town when the call comes ).

I'm happy that we're finally going to get some help, but also a little upset with myself that i was too stubborn and proud to ask for help earlier. I mean i have asked for some help - we've been liasing with our community health nurse, and family and friends have been pestered for suggestion for months. But it was my stupid pride, my " I can do this by myself " attitude, that kept me from seeking proper  help. I just didnt want to admit that i couldnt be the Supermum who knew everything about her baby and could everything perfectly the first time around. I wanted so badly to be able to say " yea, we had trouble sleeping, but i fixed that! ". But i cant - or at least not yet.

Sometime in the next week or two i will be able to say " yea, we had trouble sleeping, but i fixed that... with some help ". I want to be more confident as a mum, because even though i know my son is happy and healthy for the most part, and that i'm awesome and some mummy stuff, this whole no-sleeping jazz really put a dent in my belief in my mothering abilities. So fingers crossed we get in sooner rather than later and Mr Flynn and I ( oh, and Mick, yea him too ) can get back to some good sleep and good times!


  1. Oh Amy, I'm so glad to hear you got in. Sleep deprivation is a ridiculous and awful kind of torture and until you've been through it you don't realise just how horrid it is. EVERYTHING is better with sleep. I wish you every bit of luck and wisdom from those Tresilian folk.

  2. Hopefully he starts sleeping well for you during your time there. Grayson and I are still having a nap time war. At night though, he's great. Goes right to sleep with no problems. Of course, he still does wake up to eat. One week of sleep through the night goodness, and we're right back to waking for food.

  3. I'm convinced that sleep issues are the luck of the draw, that some kids are just that way. If I had time, I'd give you a little spiel about how our tree-swinging ancestors never had to struggle with sleep issues because the baby was always wrapped around the Mummy right next to the milk, and that for some children that genetic memory has stayed with them... Long story short - it has nothing to do with your mummy abilities. You're an awesome Mum.

  4. I'm really glad you got in! We all need help with some parts of this motherhood lark, there's nothing wrong with asking for it. The very fact that we ask shows that we care and just want the best for our little ones. Hope all goes well when you get the call :D