Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Operation Slimdown, Mach 2, Week 1

Well, well, well Amy - here we are again. Thats right people, i'm getting back to Operation Slimdown, and this time i'm ramping it up a little. Lets face it, ramping it up a lot - it never really got off the ground the first time and was more wishful thinking than anything but this time i'm jumping back on the "get fit, be healthy " bandwagon and i'm not getting off for nobody! Unless that somebody is cheesecake. Or icecream. As a treat. In moderation. But i digress....

Thats me, the fat girl ( taken yesterday ). My bubble butt only just fits in that swing....

I need to lose weight. I felt like i had plumped up a little but because i dont own a set of scales, i couldnt be sure of by how much. To be honest, i didnt particularly WANT to know - that little set of numbers can be very scary! However, after seeing the few photos we took on our Sydney trip last week i've been scared into looking at all those numbers and doing something abou them. I mean, i'm not obese or anything ( although according to my BMI i am... ) but those photos showed a me that i didnt recognise as "me". I'd seen that girl before, and she wasnt happy....and i dont want to be that girl again.

I know i can do this because i've done it before. Oh yea, i've been a gym junkie: not so long ago i went to the gym 6 days a week and maintained a size 10 figure. Then i met my beloved and spent less time at the gym, and more with him. And a few kilos crept on because i wasnt exercising as much and, besides, he didnt mind if i had a little junk in my trunk so i took a few liberties with the chocolate, and the ice cream, and the yummy, yummy burgers.... and then, i fell pregnant. I didnt put on much during my pregnancy, only 9 kilos, but somehow i have managed to not only NOT lose any of that but put on a handful more kilos aswell. Not happy.

So, inspired by those "fat girl " photos and by the lovely Holly over at Good Golly Miss Holly! ( who is also on a get fit plan ), i've decided the time has come to actually get my bum into gear and get serious about losing some pudge. I've taken my measurements and am going to post them for you all to see ( unlike Holly though I am not brave enough to take bikini pictures and share my cellulite with you. No. Thankyou. ). The numbers are:
Bust: 99cm
Waist : 84.5cm
Hips: 103cm
Bum: 108cm
Thigh: 67cm
Weight: 77.8kgs
*EDIT - i kind of forgot to add my goal weight here! I'd like to be down to 70kgs by Flynns 1st birthday on Dec 27th. Thats 3 months to lose 7.8kgs. 10kgs would be nice ( then i'd be back to my pre-pregnancy weight ) but i'll be happy to see 70kgs....

So thats that. I'm not going on actual "diet", i'm not counting calories and i'm not employing some fancy dietitan or personal trainer. I'm just going to eat smaller portions, have more fruit and more water and increase the exercise from one hour a week to at least half an hour a day. Wish me luck, and tune in next week for an update!


  1. Go girlfriend, let's do this! x

  2. It must be the season for it! This week I also started a health kick - because I found out that it IS actually possible to put on weight while breastfeeding. Good luck.

  3. Just did a similar post myself tonight! Let's do it!!!

  4. good on you! i don't own scales either but recently overhauled my diet as well. it's been 2 months of healthy eating; i've cut out sweets and bad carbs so i haven't had rice in 2 months and i only eat multi-grain/whole wheat bread in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon for lunch (ie. sandwich). i hate exercise but so far, my pants are feeling looser and i feel lighter.

    good luck!

  5. It really is time to get healthy. I'm planning on doing this myself. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing someone I don't recognize. I used to be a size 9. After Ethan was born I was almost a size 15. Before I got pregnant with Claire, I got down to a size 11, and I haven't made an attempt at weight loss since. It's time. Fruits, veggies and smaller portioned meals are in my future.

  6. Yay, you go girl. The first step is hard. You can do it!

  7. You go girl! I am on the same journey ... I was always fit before I had kids, but hadn't quite lost the baby weight when I got pregnant with number 2. And since then, the weight has crept on. I've finally got off my (fat) arse and joined a gym. I haven't lost weight yet, but feel better about myself, and I can't wait until I do lose some weight!

  8. Go get girl! Just a walk in the park .....

  9. Over from the blog hop good luck on your progress! You can do it! Keep blogging it helps.

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