Monday, December 13, 2010

Check Out The Smoochiness!

Oh yea, thats right - i got one thing off my to do list!
I found this great little template on the Microsoft website, downloaded, added the sweet smoochy picture, changed the background and voila! - Save The Date cards. Sadly, i forgot that they were formatted to be a 5x7 size and got them printed as 6x4's ( which meant that the text at the bottom got a teeny, tiny bit skimmed off the edge... ). But, seeing as they arent actual invitations, i'm not going to worry about re-doing them and have stashed them in with the Xmas cards to be mailed tomorrow. I figure putting them in one envelope saves on paper, and on postage. Oh yea, i'm a tight arse eco-warrior!

So thats one thing ticked off. I'm halfway through Flynn's Santa sack - which i'm hand sewing because i dont have a sewing machine - and only have one Xmas present to go. Way to work Amy! Ooh, and i found a make up artist for my wedding who'll do my makeup for free . Again with the tight arse-ery. Turns out its kind of awesome when one of Mick's workmates wives is a beauty therapy teacher at TAFE and is also an awesome lady who offered to come round and do my makeup, as a favour from a friend. Your awesome Ange! And that is, if i could only manage to get all the washing on the room of our floor, washed, folded and put away...


  1. What a beautiful save the date card...especially love the cheeeky smooch :)
    How exciting the date will be here before you know it! I hope you are planning to post a pic of Flynn's sack I would love to see have way more patience then me :)

  2. The save the date card is wonderful! All the shopping for the kids is done. I haven't even started shopping for hubby. I'm such a procrastinator.

  3. That is a very cute save the date card! I may just have to check out the microsoft website myself!

  4. Yay for you, your wedding date is my sisters birthday - good days all round. Ange will do great makeup - that is a real score!