Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Golly, She's Great!

Wow - i've been lax with the posts so far this month havent i? And i have no excuse really except to say that i  havent really been inspired by anything much lately... til now. I found some inspiration, and she goes by the name of Holly.

You can find her over at Good Golly Miss Holly! and if you arent already reading her, you should. Seriously, go check her out - she's funny and candid and she's a mama who rocks! But aside from that, why is she inspiring the blogger in me? Because not only did she buck up and find the courage to lose her vlog virginity, but she decided to make her first ever vlog about post natal depression.

Lets face it - thats a tough subject to write about, let alone to sit and talk about, straight down the webcam to your loyal reader/viewers. The girl has balls ( well no, not literally, but you know what i mean... ) to choose that particular subject, which so many of us find confronting. And not only did she go with PND as a theme, but she spoke about it with such composure and grace... i would have been a blithering mess, and my brush with PND was minor compared to many others. And with that 4ish minutes of webcam honesty, i found a new inspiration and motivation to blog. Thanks Holly!

Now all i need is some tips on how to make my blog awesome-er. Is there anything you like and want to see more of? Anything you think i should be doing? Do i need a blog makeover? Make-under?


  1. It's the holidays. I think we are all still working off that tryptophan coma. Thanks for the heads up on Molly. I am always inspired by moms who have kicked some serious PPD and antenatal depression since I had it too.

  2. Thank you for the shoutout gorgeous girl, the positive responses that I've gotten from my vlog is overwhelming and I am so glad that I did it!

    As for abit of inspiration - Maybe fiddling around with your layout might perk you up abit? That's what I do when I get abit bored x

  3. Thankyou for sharing Holly. Im excited to find a great new blog.

    As for the blog makeover, Im feeling a bit blah about mine too - I have no idea where to start and was thinking about paying that crazy??