Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Ever-ree-body!

 Merry Christmas from the New Adventures household! And yes, that is my beautiful, handsome little man turned into a screaming banshee for his Santa photo. Luckily, the photos were taken by a good friend of mine in her private studio where she had more than one Christmas set up, so we did get some nicer shots. Like this one, which i have been using as my screen saver at work for the last few weeks:

 Still no smile, but much more angelic. And look at all his little chinnies! I'm raising a total chubba-lubba-bubba.... i swear the kid has hollow legs, he eats that damn much. But anyhoo....yea, we tried really hard to get Flynn to crack a smile for at least one of his photos. We did get this one:

Way cute right? Unfortunately we failed in getting him to smile and sit up straight at the same time. This is probably because he's a cheeky monkey and even at his tender age does naughty,cheeky things all the time. So there you be - a photo essay of Flynns 1st visit to Santa. Look at in the next few days for a chronicle of his 1st Christmas Day and then, two days later, his 1st birthday!


  1. Happy Christmas Amy :-) Hope you and your boys have a great one! I love the photos of Flynn, yep, even the screaming one! x

  2. Gorgeous photos. Even if he isn't smiling :) Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  3. You're quite lucky to have a photographer friend. I'm scarred by my last portrait studio visit and am wondering if I really want to make the trip back. I do, because I need to get pictures of all three kids done...I just hate the experience that comes with it.

  4. It feels so wrong to say this, but the screaming photo is a classic!