Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Vibin', For Lori

So today I am sending every good vibe i can muster out to Lori from Random Ramblings Of A Stay At Home Mum, and i need every single one of you out there reading this to do the same. See Lori, who usually a hilarious bundle of cack ( and never fails to mention my fear of clowns when she has the chance... ), has this morning posted that her husband is struggling in intensive care, and things seems to be touch and go for him and there family. Lori and her hubby Tony have two small children ( the Bump and Chop ) so you can only imagine what Lori must be going through right now. So, if your the type who prays, please do that for Lori and if, like me, positivity and good thoughts are your thing, please send those out to her too.

And in a show of solidarity, you can head over to Kristin's page at Wanderlust and link up with Flog Ya Blog Friday ( which is usually hosted by Lori ) and show her how many people are thinking of her. Also, if your able, you can also donate funds for Lori at Kristins page - because, should the worst happen, Lori may need not only your thoughts and prayers but a little financial help too. We love you Lori!