Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Yea, Its Gonna Happen...

So you now how my conceptual goal for the new year was  To honestly speak my mind, instead of hoarding emotional crap until i explode in a sudden, and fierce, inferno of rage/jealousy/melancholy ? Oh yea, i am totally going to be working on that and i feel that te very first instance of this "speaking my mind " will be happening in the near future. Probably next week. See one of my co-workers is just really getting on my nerves, even though we are only 2 days into the working year, and i'm afraid that i'm just going to have to tell him. And it just wont be pretty.

This guy is lazy, obnoxious, and overly opinionated ( though he very rarely has any fact or anything resembling real information/experience to back these opinions up ). He wheedles his way out of work as often as he can, spends hours of the work day pottering around doing pretty much nothing, and even when he's at his desk its under extreme duress and all he does is complain. If i were unfortunate enough to have have to sit beside him i think i would have leaned over and whacked him by now. As it stands, my desk is across the office and i can choose to ignore him, most of the time. But when he skulks into the lunch room while i'm trying to read and enjoy my lunch break, and complains that he's so exhausted ( despite being childless, in his 20's and still living with his parents, so no real exhausting responsibilities ), that he hates this place and its draining him and blah blah blah... well, that just gets on my goat.

If its so bloody unbearable, then QUIT. YOU ARE MAKING THE OFFICE A MISERY FOR THE REST OF US. If my mother has the balls, at the age of 48, to admit that she dislikes her workplace and its atmosphere enough to quit and find another job - which she did ( she started her new job today... ) - then maybe he should grow a pair and do the same.

Too harsh? My resolution doesnt really include being unnecessarily mean, but believe me, this little diatribe will have been a long time coming and will be on behalf of the entire office. Tune in next week to see if it comes to fruition...